First Date Ideas

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  • PColada ( 42 / W / Houston, TX )


  • HeavenSent019 ( 53 / W / Alpharetta, GA )

    I would like to go to brunch. A place to eat and listen to jazz or something would be nice. Or a nice walk and talk is good also. Even just to have coffee and/or tea is good. Just to sit down & talk :). As long as it is...  read more >>

  • gailannslinkard ( 56 / W / Bella Vista, AR )

    I think a small lunch and a walk in a park or at museum may be a good way to see if there is enough chemistry for a dinner date.

  • oceanbound57 ( 58 / W / Cookeville, TN )

    Somewhere quiet to talk and get to know each other.

  • azsweetbadboy ( 52 / M / Mesa, AZ )

    A first date to me would depend on a lot of things. Mainly how comfortable the two of you are, and what you are looking for. I prefer a location that the two of you are comfortable with. One quiet enough to talk and get...  read more >>

  • Independant_one ( 58 / M / Belfair, WA )

    Our date should be simple to see if we share common ground and like each other. I think maybe pike place market area would be a nice first date experience, walking the tour of Seattle's best touted sea front tourist area...  read more >>

  • shadrarose ( 46 / W / Cambria Heights, NY )

    Lunch at an upscale restaurant in the city.

  • kfloga ( 59 / W / Basalt, CO )

    Find out how it flows to see where it goes...

  • Sweetgerman ( 43 / W / Nashville, TN )

    Meet for lunch get to know each other. After a walk in the park

  • bisby1 ( 66 / M / Blue Eye, MO )

    lunch wherever we choose

  • Hikeryogagal ( 62 / W / Scottsdale, AZ )

    Lunch or happy hour and hopefully a second date!!

  • tedcanary1 ( 56 / M / Northbrook, IL )

    A nice lunch where we can get to know each other a bit with little expectations or stress

  • kittydr1981 ( 53 / W / Irvine, CA )

    It would be nice to simply try to relax and talk with a funny man. Good company does not need anywhere special.

  • catchm3 ( 60 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    Casual and relaxed so we can talk.

  • PennyJAM ( 57 / W / Bloomington, IN )

    Getting to know you is a MUST. Our 1st date would include this and going out chatting for hours about we two and slowly getting to know one another. I might bring you home to mother if you are lucky. It is important if I...  read more >>