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Lunch My favorite date ideas

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  • MsRedBone91 ( 24W / Herrin, IL )


    A simple cup of coffee and so we can talk and get to know each other or to see if we feel the vib

  • Estella_spain ( 23W / Spain )


    Go and take a fantástic lunch on the center or near a boulevar. Got time to talk and know more each other.

  • corceemdakes ( 23W / South Africa )


    A quiet dinner, nothing too formal-dont wanna hold back my true self just to impress. Comfortable and not complicated, preferably with good music and a peaceful environment where we can get to know each other better.

  • rainbow1279 ( 35W / Jacksonville, FL )


    Just getting to know one another, maybe over lunch or in a park something simple

  • dinos75 ( 35M / Brentwood, England - Essex )


    Meet for a nice bit of lunch get the flavours flowing. Coffee seems to me a bit short lived

  • shasha1965 ( 25W / Sugar Land, TX )


    Going out to eat in a classic restaurant.

  • Nanticoke523 ( 42W / Pompano Beach, FL )


    My first date, I would like to meet in a public place and have lunch or dinner.

  • Babycoco18 ( 18W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    Nice day on the beach or lunch or movies just some where nice 😘😘😘😘

  • Hyhans ( 48M / Houston, TX )


    Lunch is good and dinner is better. I would love my first date to be perfect..

  • Zerobs81 ( 35M / Santa Rosa, CA )


    Whatever we want , fishing maybe , golf , or just a ride to the coast

  • terramar ( 47W / Hollywood, FL )


    Go out for lunch, Get to know eachother and exchange ideas.

  • Purestud ( 35M / Victoria, BC )


    What ever you wanna do I'm a free going person and don't care what we do just lets have some fun and have some good times and memory

  • Ssemeh ( 35W / South Africa )


    Casual,friendly environment and properly structured place to bring your family,friends and colleagues.

  • Sibeach ( 43W / Miami, FL )


    I prefer not to be a blind date so a couple of pictures and maybe a facetime call before a date would be nice so there are no surprises on the first date. I also want my match to be attracted to me so a good previous loo  more>>

  • Polly97 ( 35W / Ozark, MO )


    Something light like coffee or lunch or a walk in the park. Somewhere nice where we could have a nice conversation.