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  • LeratoM4 ( 26 / W / South Africa )

    We could meet for lunch at a restaurant or hotel during the day where we can see each other on a relaxed environment. Then get to know each other more.

  • Nakamura1961 ( 44 / M / Hackensack, NJ )

    Go to the restaurant and if if have time we can go fora nice walk or spend some quality moment getting h to know each other

  • Blue0202 ( 34 / W / Springfield, MO )

    A nice lunch so we can talk to get to know each other. And then we could catch a movie or a game of lazer tag.

  • 1southernbred ( 39 / W / Robertsdale, AL )

    lunch or dinner and then something fun...maybe a live band, a movie, or jet ski riding. The sky is the limit.

  • treenbean43 ( 43 / W / Middleburg, FL )

    I love the ocean I love out doors I love classy

  • diana412015 ( 41 / W / Redwood City, CA )

    Could be anything really! I'm excited to see what's in store! J

  • Brendan_1996 ( 19 / M / Australia )

    Anywhere you want to go i do not mind at all

  • kimmy47 ( 47 / W / Richmond, VA )

    I would love to just have a nice lunch just chatting getting to know one another.

  • normanwalker ( 61 / M / Fresno, CA )

    Want to have everything to our way just the perfect match and date

  • Cleanharbor ( 44 / M / Middleton, WI )

    Meet at a sports bar & each pick a different team! Then root against each other's team! Lol It should involve alcohol so if each of us doesn't live up to our profiles, we'll keep drinking until we enjoy each other! Lol I  more>>

  • gumederobert ( 41 / M / South Africa )

    Public place,will to experience something different in life.

  • handsomeW ( 24 / M / South Africa )

    A date in a nice n quite restaurant to enjoy each others company or a home dinner together to get to know each other perfectly

  • hunttucson44 ( 56 / W / Cleveland, OH )

    First place must be at a great restaurant having pleasant talk to get to know a little about each other.

  • felixphiri ( 35 / M / South Africa )

    My first date must be at an open place and will take it from there

  • melannise ( 50 / W / O Fallon, IL )

    Meet for an early lunch, get to know a little about each other then take a walk in the part.