First Date Ideas

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  • danash1822 ( 26 / M / Bronx, NY )

    can we walk highline? and would you like to watch a movie with me tonight or go out with me tonight?

  • merkureal ( 53 / M / Asheville, NC )

    A few ideas?: Recreational cartwheeling. Scuba diving with the jellyfish. Doubles badminton. Burning Man or Lilith festival. Astral journey to outer planets. Pick up some teenage runaways. Kitten bowling. Jenga. Visiting...  read more>>

  • Mariahf ( 34 / W / Houston, TX )

    Have a casual meeting at a coffee shop follow by the golf course where you can teach me how to play golf.

  • PassionateCoco ( 35 / W / Lawrence, MA )

    Anything that's simple and fun, yet interacting with each other maybe cooking class, hiking, anything.

  • studentswagger ( 28 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    I like going out to dinner, or lunch. I'd prefer not to go to a bar or club.

  • Riversite22 ( 52 / W / Sherman Oaks, CA )

    i dont like the dating platform of : coffee, drinks, .........maybe hiking , shopping together, museum, book store , Festivals .............

  • mirajono ( 25 / W / Cardiff, Wales - Glamorgan )

    talk about legal studies, which is going to be boring for some people, but, hey, legal studies helped you a lot in life, such as, getting fines

  • ninarothschild ( 51 / W / New York, NY )

    A great first date would be dinner then a walk down Fifth Avenue. It's on the second date that the unexpected takes place. A trip to Argentina, a tour of the Chelsea galleries, swimming of any sort.

  • Ruby25620 ( 24 / W / Besançon, Franche-Comte )

    Une ballade en amoureux dans un bel endroit et où il n'y a personne

  • mambobabythebest ( 32 / W / Madrid, Madrid )

    on my first date,i would love to have some good conversation,so as to know each other well,

  • perfectflower ( 51 / W / Fort Wayne, IN )

    Time spent enjoying one’s company either at home or on the town.

  • 90sbaby420 ( 26 / W / Tampa, FL )

    Something having to do with culture or great food!!!

  • Rebel224Rebel ( 27 / W / Tempe, AZ )

    If I've asked you out, I've probably known you for a little while. That's how I know you'd be interested in the debate they're holding at a theater downtown- all the big names in brains will be there and they'll be talki...  read more>>

  • Rarebutwelldone ( 58 / W / Barrie, ON )

    lets go for a coffee and se if there is a spark.

  • catingha ( 42 / W / Hannover, Niedersachsen )

    Nach dem wir unsere Interessen ausgetauscht haben stelle einfach fest; wir besuchen heute eine Lesung!