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  • fitnfun2015 ( 46M / Toronto, ON )


    Scuba diving trip to the Caribbean.

  • prettynpetite3 ( 22W / Orlando, FL )


    Quiet lunch so we can get to know each other or go somewhere and have fun! Im open to do whatever as long as im having fun and enjoying myself.

  • h8wastingtime ( 55M / Galloway, OH )


    It is not about the where and what, but it needs to be true and with great company having great conversation and enjoying some laughter! If there was sushi...it wouldn't be a bad thing...;-)

  • JazzInMySoul ( 34W / Helsinki, Etela-Suomen Laani )


    Right here and today ;) We will talk in private about our second date idea .

  • VeryRonnie ( 25W / Laguna Beach, CA )


    I love surprises and I love learning new things, discovering new places, do things I've never done before.

  • Mekalyn ( 23W / Jacksonville, FL )


    I don't have an ideal date, but I would say I would like for it to be full of surprise, exciting and something you haven't done or went to with the person before me, think about it. .

  • Elenad1978 ( 36W / Netanya, Tel Aviv )


    prefer to discuss it with the man I am interested in

  • Robyn1968 ( 46W / Shelton, WA )


    A nice romantic weekend getaway to get to know each other would be wonderful maybe a nice hotel on a warm beach, moonlight strolls, complete privacy, candlelit dinner, couple glasses of wine and let the conversation flow

  • EllieArroway ( 33W / Vashon, WA )


    We could be under a freeway overpass if you're interesting enough.

  • Latino792000 ( 25M / El Paso, TX )


    The First date should be the most important date. Most Men lost their roots and their manners. I'm very old fashion . First of all i would walk up to the door knock on the door to greet her and right after that open the  more>>

  • 3603257697N ( 43W / Lacey, WA )


    A quiet night at the home sitting in front of the fireplace enjoying each other's company.

  • Dips5033 ( 46W / Chippenham, England - Wiltshire )


    I love surprises so why don't you drop me a few clues....

  • Chimarh ( 24W / Berlin, Berlin )


    I prefer talks and face to face communication to have an idea about the other person.A dinner or drinks somewhere in town works for me in this case.

  • Girlnextdoor017 ( 37W / Scottsdale, AZ )


    The best first date is the one where we get to know each other and hopefully plan a second one.

  • Jenniexoxo ( 18W / Germany )


    Make me laugh, make me give You that look. Just steel My heart.