First Date Ideas

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  • AmazingDreamGirl ( 29 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Yes i am grateful to have the beauty brain heart… Gorgeous intelligent down to earth respectable witty genuine sassy princess. I'd love to explore the extraordinary new experiences and learning to be the better person...  read more>>

  • ACertifiedWife ( 40 / W / Fort Washington, MD )

    I'm easy to please, and like to go with the flow.

  • vincent2286 ( 54 / M / Granite Bay, CA )

    The skies the limit I think!

  • lotusblossom82 ( 34 / W / Newark, NJ )

    We could meet at a place where we can see everyone but they can't see us. A bottle of wine, some oysters, conversation, and a staring contest. There's a start, you finish the rest?

  • MeganLeigh777 ( 28 / W / Plano, TX )

    I want to get to know you and then spend the weekend together in South America.

  • KK1990 ( 25 / W / Novato, CA )

    I'm up for anything for a first date. Sky diving? Hike? Try a cooking class together? Come up with something unique that will keep me wanting more!

  • Pr1ncess71 ( 45 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    Something that we both can agree on so neither one of us are bored.

  • naturalhotspring ( 50 / W / Venice, CA )

    I'm open to being surprised. I believe in taking things slowly and seeing what develops naturally.

  • HAPPYRIOLINDA ( 60 / W / Sacramento, CA )

    I'd like to met you someplace quiet enough that we can have a conversation. Not a NASCAR event, or even a restaurant that has noisy music.

  • ThatsMe26 ( 26 / W / Santa Barbara, CA )

    Just go with the flow

  • TG_Gisele ( 21 / W / Singapore )

    I have never been on a date before but I would love to cuddle and just watch a movie. That sums up my perfect night. Simple and sweet.

  • AmandaB06 ( 31 / W / Winter Springs, FL )

    I would like to do anything as long as we get to know each other. I do not like going to movies on first date. I would rather look into each other eyes. Talk, laugh, and have great time.

  • LilyRose17 ( 56 / W / Fontaine-le-Port, Ile-de-France )

    I am open to any suggestion .... Coffee shop, dinner, or just a walk in a nice area. I am an outdoor person, any lovely convenient place you may like

  • _AdventureAwaits ( 46 / M / New York, NY )

    We “borrow” a yacht and sail to the Caribbean looking for secret treasure. Our map leads us to it, but we’re attacked by pirates. Fighting shoulder-to-shoulder, we escape, barely, and sail into the sunset. Or we ca...  read more>>

  • yourmvp ( 32 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    A fun time!