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Fancy Dining

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  • greenmen69 ( 34W / Seattle, WA )


    Go for drinks appetizers, then go for a walk.

  • Skipio1986 ( 46M / Los Angeles, CA )


    We would meet nice restaurant preferably in a quiet spot. We would meet a fine bottle of wine and peruse the menu. I would then offer up a gift envelope with substantial compensation for you time and consideration. We wo  more>>

  • SmartSexy30 ( 30W / Ashland, PA )


    A Dinner and a movie & or shopping is fine or anything new exciting he wants to do is also good with me

  • Dbabers ( 28W / Minneapolis, MN )


    I'm a total foodie :) love trying new places

  • prettykitty90 ( 24W / Montreal, QC )


    You'll take me out to a trendy upscale restaurant downtown. We'll sip on wine or cocktails and we'll get to know each other over a fantastic dinner. If we click, we can go out dancing or something after dinner. I like sp  more>>

  • Marilyn27Cool ( 56W / Irvine, CA )


    How about we go to the fine restaurant of your choice and we can either watch the sunset or just walk on the beach.

  • MissKaylaBella ( 27W / San Diego, CA )


    Fine Dining, Drinks, Maybe a little Dancing.

  • DMManthey ( 47W / Scottsdale, AZ )


    Meet out at a classy restaurant.....have some apps, drinks and a great conversation.

  • classyitalian48 ( 48M / Bozeman, MT )


    A blue sky ski day followed by a candlelight dinner with some red wine.

  • jazzabelle2000 ( 33W / San Francisco, CA )


    how about having a romantic dinner then a walk on the beach and watch the sunset.

  • tyeasha ( 35W / Fayetteville, NC )


    Traveling on a plane with wine and fooling around

  • pinuppink ( 38W / Nashville, TN )


    Something creative and fun! : )

  • IceFit ( 25W / Orlando, FL )


    How about a nice dinner to get to know each other?

  • rubyardcorkey ( 44W / galway, Galway )


    A romantic dinner with wonderful ambience, great Italian or French food with some great wine.

  • TigerLily456 ( 28W / Rahway, NJ )


    Dinner and dancing is a great way to get to know someone and connect with them on a deeper level.