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Fancy Dining

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  • PSCaliGirl ( 36W / Palm Springs, CA )


    I think a first date is all about getting to know each other and finding out if there is potential for more dates in the future. A nice long romantic dinner with great food and wine is the perfect setting for this.

  • BestCatch2015 ( 51W / Midlothian, VA )


    A nice restaurant with an ocean view, bottle of wine and great conversation.

  • ElBrown ( 39W / Duluth, GA )


    fine dining , long walk in the park,movie theater,concert

  • Lily12435 ( 48W / Yonkers, NY )


    To walk around getting to know each other,or sit in a restaurant next to a fire place n get to know each other.

  • Loyalone2003 ( 32W / Los Angeles, CA )


    It's a wonderful ride up the coast...pending no traffic. The view is amazing and the air is always fresh. The service is awesome and unobtrusive. We'll enjoy getting to know each other during our escape from the city.

  • aishababy91 ( 36W / Hyattsville, MD )


    take me out to a nice restaurant and get to know me and I want to get to know you then we take it from there

  • LaviniaHeinsohn ( 60W / Keller, TX )


    Nice elegant dinner date/ dancing

  • Msmacc ( 21W / Long Beach, CA )


    nice, smooth, and relaxing environment getting to know each other

  • Lily00000 ( 20W / Florence, Toscana )


    I'm open to all kinds of fancy and beautiful thoughts about the date.

  • slim2009 ( 24W / Saint Louis, MO )


    dinner and a movie, home cooked meal with each other's effort

  • Petrotraveler ( 22W / Spring, TX )


    Something classy. I like to dress up and look nice.

  • imrenee ( 24W / Agoura Hills, CA )


    Movie dinner tytl up to my man

  • efo252 ( 20W / Bogart, GA )


    haha for real though if you took me to italy im in.

  • babygirl412 ( 28W / Pittsburgh, PA )


    Talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. Other first date ideas include: a walk on the beach or park, minature golf, and bowling.

  • ArabianBeauty22 ( 22W / Miami, FL )


    I prefer fancy hotels, restaurants, etc.