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  • heybondgirl ( 42W / Victoria, BC )


    I discovered the coolest little place. It's like an old speakeasy and has amazing food and atmosphere and incredible drinks! Lets start off with a drink and some tapas and see where the night takes us..

  • harshit8755 ( 35M / India )


    Hmmm...... I like to speak truth what I m or what she undrstnd me ..i make everything to make my partner happy

  • Serendipity0109 ( 21W / Las Vegas, NV )


    Sushi at Naked Fish, it's cozy and if we're lucky enough we might be seated in a window booth that will allow us to see a clear skyline of Las Vegas. Once seated we can open up like edamame and learn about each other, ju  more>>

  • blucutey ( 34W / Houston, TX )


    well let's start by having dinner at a nice restaurant with music playing in the background to where its low enough that we can hear each other throughout the conversation we're having while getting to know each other. A  more>>

  • slear32 ( 32W / Caseyville, IL )


    Maybe dinner. N then a walk in a park if it's not cold

  • soulmate1977 ( 37M / St. John's, NL )


    A nice walk .. Dinner or simply a coffee

  • mariangel2000 ( 36W / amsterdam, Noord-Holland )


    Romantiec dinner on the beach,enjoying good company

  • docth47 ( 49M / Metamora, MI )


    Depends on my match. Just wish to meet someone of my soul who I can share my life with.

  • miley82 ( 32W / Altoona, PA )


    Where there is no pressure and we can be ourselves

  • AbiDoobie ( 27W / Sylmar, CA )


    I would love for you to take me to your favorite restaurant in the world! I would love to get to know you as intimate as possible! I could careless if it's in a Michelin restaurant to a dive burger place... As long as yo  more>>

  • lovelylady0808 ( 24W / Paramus, NJ )


    I'm traditional- romantic dinner and a glass of cabernet is my ideal date night!

  • Houpen07 ( 42W / Houston, TX )


    Dinner would be nice. I promise I will eat! One glass of wine only unless you want to see me dancing on the table :)

  • Louise2091 ( 43W / Hollywood, FL )


    Have a nice dinner with good conversation just to know you.

  • Lovelylacie ( 19W / Mount Airy, NC )


    I always like to keep the first dates casual :) Nothing fancy, just get to know each other over dinner.

  • maria1968 ( 46W / Bronx, NY )


    a nice dinner just the two of us