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  • virgimar7 ( 29 / W / New York, NY )

    Different .... something totally unexpected.... i dont like to plan ...

  • AspiringDirector ( 19 / W / Norwalk, CT )

    With the right person, it would be super enlightening to volunteer together and work on a project. It helps us bond, and gives me insight on how generous you are.

  • JustJulz ( 54 / W / Glen Rose, TX )

    I would much rather know what your idea of a first date would be. You know us ladies, we want you to suggest a place so we can say we'd rather not. LOL Kidding....c'mon, hit me with your best, most un...  read more >>

  • Lailai80 ( 37 / W / West End, NC )

    Its been so long I have no idea!

  • nackison ( 57 / W / Castleton, ON )

    For a first date I think that going out for dinner or a drink and talking and getting to know each other

  • Nonlocality ( 72 / M / Miami Beach, FL )

    I'd like To begin our appetizer with conversation about each of our relationship/attraction meta theory's that were steaming in our brains prior to our first encounter. I firmly believe we are attract...  read more >>

  • marousya ( 40 / W / Paris, but now I live in the countryside, Pays de la Loire )

    I will be glad to get to know you, to see your best within your unique self and not a projection of you. To see where it all leads to. Surprise me to be surprised!

  • Sweetstace7 ( 34 / W / Adelaide, South Australia )

    How about we have a coffe then a walk along the beach, if we click then how about the next night fine dining then some dancing?

  • Rare47lady ( 47 / W / Russell, ON )

    It can range from the cliche, conversation over coffee, to church events, joining me in dog rescue voluntary, mission maybe, and not the scripted and planned 'dates' !

  • KatherineMarie1 ( 57 / W / Port Aransas, TX )

    A Candlelight Dinner Celebrating my 58th Birthday on June 6th 2018 The Ballet

  • KarenMcCabe ( 50 / W / Cambridge Springs, PA )

    The typical dinner and a movie are fine but much better to get to know someone when you can be relaxed & chat about what brought you together in the first place.

  • BEESWAXE ( 39 / M / Dover, DE )


  • beautifulchewy ( 74 / W / Escondido, CA )

    I think that if the chemistry is there...sitting in a "tent" can be fun!!! , I am very easy, coffee is great, I have found that making too much of a 1st meeting, usually is a big "let d...  read more >>

  • JoyInMotion ( 61 / W / Lafayette, CO )

    My preference is a walk, dinner, something that is quiet and casual. I'm interested in getting to know you, so talking and sharing would be my first choice....then all the other options can be availab...  read more >>

  • donz59 ( 61 / M / Omaha, NE )

    How about we try dinner,movies and a table for two