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  • myskya ( 55W / Montreal, QC )


    Anywhere mutually agreed upon. Conducive to hearing each other, finding if the spark is kindled, and knowing if this meeting is potentially a beginning...

  • AngelG23 ( 24M / Miami, FL )


    Dinner and a walk on the beach

  • CelinaLorenzo ( 19W / Edinburgh, Scotland - Midlothian )


    A lavish dinner (with veggetain options)

  • shiny001 ( 36W / Australia )


    Walk on sandy beach when sun goes down. Just kidding :)

  • Tootsie2017 ( 61W / Akron, OH )


    Flowers, Gifts, polite conversation,

  • addis123 ( 31W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Meet at a coffee shop and get to know each other if there is interest on both side then we can go for lunch or dinner.

  • KayLeeBaby ( 22W / Hyde Park, NY )


    Where I dress up to go dancing. Followed by a shoeless walk on the beach. We can talk till the sun comes up. Haha anything. A setting where we can talk and have fun

  • NatalieBre250 ( 20W / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )


    I'm not fussed about the first date, a talk over coffee would be good enough for me.

  • FrenchLeo ( 27W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Would love to meet somewhere that is unique and can be a favorite spot where my date thinks is special to him.

  • Sn0wFlake9 ( 41W / Sharpsburg, GA )


    A great first date to me would be going to a nice restaurant that is well lit but not too bright and not too noisy. That way we could see each other and have a decent conversation over dinner and wine. Then just walking  more>>

  • lifeexplorer ( 59W / Falmouth, ME )


    Old Port, Portland. Starbucks on Commercial Street, Coffee by Design on Washington Ave, Arabica Coffee Free Street.

  • teena31820 ( 40W / Midland, GA )


    Nothing fancy! I like to get to know the true person. So meeting over coffee would be perfect for me! As long as you agree! He he he!

  • zivelapi ( 33W / mustasari, Ahvenanmaa )


    Walk on a beach or taking a nice joy ride around some cool views.

  • Lesana ( 41W / Tampa, FL )


    We have a candlelight romantic dinner or take a nice walk on the beach.

  • Floridabornlady ( 53W / Hollywood, FL )


    Happy hour or coffee and a walk on the beach.