Fun Date Ideas

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  • burgerkingggg ( 57 / M / Berlin, Berlin )

    we have a cup of coffee, get to know more about us ,may be later get to walk around a bit when the chemistry is ok.

  • MKlikestotravel ( 52 / W / Lincolnwood, IL )

    How about meeting at the Art Institute?

  • InGoodHands1 ( 55 / M / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    We fly to Manhattan for dinner at Le Bernardin, and before we know it, it’s closing time and we’re being shooed out. We leave, and head for my own private blimp, and cruise over the bright lights until dawn, drinking...  read more >>

  • RNworker ( 62 / W / Laguna Hills, CA )

    Coffee,tea or a glass of wine at a outdoor cafe'

  • LawsOfScience ( 43 / M / Chicago, IL )

    I'll give you a hint - it involves a plane, an African safari, and a gourmet picnic basket, complete with a bottle of vintage Malbec. Or we could go the more traditional route, and enjoy coffee and conversation. Your cal...  read more >>

  • SilkyLilac ( 45 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    Would be great to have a romantic dinner in French restaurant and have a mentally stimulating convention with one glass of red wine...

  • Flowervamp ( 26 / W / Brno, Brnensky Kraj )

    Aaah, this is something I'm sooo bad at... But maybe a cup of reaaaally good coffee to go (coffeeholic here!), nice chat in a park and we'll see where that leads us? I like spontaneous ideas and I also believe that when...  read more >>

  • Adventurer4one ( 53 / M / Santa Fe, NM )

    First date? ANYTHING that lets us be comfortable and ourselves and be able to actually talk and be heard. Lunch, drinks at a quiet place, or coffee outside.

  • mark2012omatic ( 66 / M / Dumfries, VA )

    Have coffee or drink, get to know one another, see if there's chemistry! The location isn't that important, because anyplace is great with the right person.

  • Katy1984 ( 34 / W / Prague, Stredocesky Kraj )

    Ideální první schůzka? Někde v kavárně u kafe nebo v parku na trávě s kafem s kelímku :).

  • smiling888 ( 60 / W / West Vancouver, BC )

    Want to chat online first, then share a coffee after work. If there's a connection, then we'll plan something together. If you are not from around her, we'll build the online connection, and then see if we can plan a vis...  read more >>

  • Tommi1966 ( 52 / M / Bergneustadt, Nordrhein-Westfalen )

    Cafe vor Ort bei Dir oder bei mir

  • happycup ( 54 / W / San Jose, CA )

    First date idea; Phone call because of the distance. If we are close enough...a coffee, a nice chat! and enjoying the moment!

  • Kgary3rd ( 39 / M / Warren, OH )

    I'm not much of a coffee drinker but coffee and conversation is a great start.

  • positiveenergy72 ( 46 / M / Burnaby, BC )

    Anywhere the lady is comfortable with.