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  • KayleeJackson529 ( 28W / Philadelphia, PA )


    I don't know the name of the place but apparently you sign up and go, the instruct on how to paint something and you drink wine, sounds like it could be worth trying, although I'm not much of an artist.

  • alittleoffkey ( 25W / Brooklyn, NY )


    lets take a ceramics or painting class.

  • jesslv91 ( 23W / Henderson, NV )


    Here in Las Vegas we have a place called Wine and Design. Its basically a painting class while drinking wine! Each night they teach a different painting and you sign up for the painting you would like to do. I have yet t  more>>

  • dfc9412 ( 60W / North Hollywood, CA )


    I like the idea of meeting at a museum for our first date. That gives us the opportunity to be surrounded by classic beauty. Talking and walking through a museum really will give us a sense of our compatibility. The Gett  more>>

  • Phmark ( 44M / Japan )


    If she lives near my place , then I ask for sailing If she live far away from my place, I'll fly out there and I would like to meet with her at a big bookstore or university library then I ask for a dinner

  • wansten ( 37M / Pakistan )


    It depand on here.I am ready for all what dose she want to do on first date >>

  • paige5683 ( 26W / Bremen, GA )


    Idk Ive not been on many real dates

  • shirleychen ( 43W / San Juan )


    It would be in public place. 1. Somewhere very romantic for dinner. 2. would you like to go to one beach? 3. would you like to see an art exhibition?

  • Bennny2000 ( 45M / Washington, DC )


    I prefer a restaurant by the waterfront at night ,then take a walk holding hand's with a good conversation .Then hold a conversation about me and you ,plus astrology would be in the mixed of us talking .............

  • rlrz2013 ( 58W / Atlanta, GA )


    Would love to do something different than eating or going to a movie. We can bring a bottle of wine and stroke a little..

  • MelaMe ( 31W / PD, Veneto )


    Wherever you go in Venice is simply magic.

  • mandaroo ( 27W / Wethersfield, CT )


    I like fairs and carnivals and flea and farmers markets

  • Sam1508 ( 37W / London, England - London )


    As long as we have fun, its not that important where we go. If I was to choose however, it would be really nice to go to a museum or the theatre. Or if we go for a drink we can do something fun like play pool or table te  more>>

  • alphamale635 ( 47M / Mansfield, England - Nottinghamshire )


    Im an artist also do you have any drawing skills

  • Sebdewd ( 36M / Peterborough, England - Northamptonshire )


    Where ever the mood takes us, you never know what might happen