First Date Ideas

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  • Ann44442000 ( 49 / W / Kingston, Saint Andrew )

    My first date idea would be sightseeing or walking in the park.

  • Vegeta49 ( 51 / M / Orlando, FL )

    some where she and I could talk to get to know each other,communication is very important in a relationship,without communication and trust,the relationship is doomed to fail

  • Victoria_Frances ( 24 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    Being new to the city, if you can take me somewhere I have never been (which is most places) that would be so enjoyable and romatnic for me.

  • Maria123452001 ( 57 / W / Hesperia, CA )

    A stroll on the beach or a park.

  • azulskys7 ( 52 / W / South Sioux City, NE )

    Just you and me going for a candle light dinner and then take a long walk on the beach. Enjoying the fresh smell of the salt water and maybe collecting shells as we walk the beach.