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  • Frenchious ( 29W / London, England - London )


    i am not the type girl who likes the sound of her own voice, i am more the active type so we could do sth stimuating and interactive. surprise me! if im bored im going home....

  • TearrahBaby ( 23W / Mount Gilead, OH )


    I want it to be a surprise I love surprises im up for anything but sex on the first date

  • Arrowz ( 31M / Sacramento, CA )


    Sitting down at the beach looking at the waves as we tell and listen to each others life story.

  • Tiyanamae ( 33W / Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire )


    Somewhere nice and quiet or a walk in the countryside.

  • MrOlive ( 59M / Dallas, TX )


    A good first date would be meeting somewhere outside. It should be casual with some nice wine options to choose from. However, I am actually open to most anything. I am a man of many interests and feel comfortably in any  more>>