First Date Ideas

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  • FlowerInHerHair ( 32 / W / Amsterdam, Noord-Holland )

    Somewhere where we can talk. This is really important on a first date, all the fancy and creative surroundings can come afterwards :)

  • TriciaLynn ( 50 / W / Fairmont, WV )

    Would like to have a man take my hand, walk down a long lonely beach just talking, not talking, it doesn't matter, as long as all we need is to be comfortable with each other.

  • SteveGonzo ( 48 / M / Newport Beach, CA )

    Freelancing in LA (Getty, Grove, Hollywood, Griffith, Malibu, Santa Monica). Doing what we feel like.

  • Lucky10001 ( 38 / W / New York, NY )

    Going out to the sea side and getting our self a coconut juice because i love the sea side and also i am nature lover, so am big fan of mother nature, so i would love to talk with my partner in a natural environment

  • Pretty2062 ( 73 / W / Quitman, AR )

    a quiet place where we can get to know each other.