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  • 23Courtney ( 21W / Chicago, IL )


    I want to mainly get to know one another. Maybe a dinner or movie is just fine with me.

  • diamondforever13 ( 28W / San Antonio, TX )


    I would love to have a candle light dinner by the water or per hap's on a boat along with some good romantic music.

  • kajalk ( 26W / India )


    Hmmmmm nt mch i rathr go shoppin followd by a long drive dan meetin ova a cup of coffee o lunch

  • Mrblufoxx ( 24M / Rancho Santa Margarita, CA )


    ..................... Shopping,,,, kissing....., lunch.. Talking...walking.ect.

  • Resoltue647 ( 22M / Alvarado, TX )


    I wanted to check out the manga I like and go look at different video games.