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  • Mskakimac ( 55 / W / Chesterfield, MO )

    If the sporting event occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, I would suggest we begin with brunch followed by the game. In particular, I enjoy watching baseball, football, hockey and basketball. For a first...  read more >>

  • Mariapacheco123 ( 23 / W / Lowell, MA )

    It doesn't matter we can talk about the first date or you can choose

  • Chrystalclear ( 34 / W / Norwalk, CT )

    I am very athletic & as a former athlete I like to compete at a lot of things. I think that a physical activity is a great ice breaker and can tell a lot about a person. Dinner and drinks is nice too...  read more >>

  • Sarah191 ( 40 / W / Australia )

    Going out for a nice lunch then playing a game of soccer or going for a run or swim or surf

  • 2badandag ( 54 / W / Lewisville, TX )

    I've never had a first date on a golf course, but seems like it would be a great way to be introduced to each other - doing something hopefully we both like to do! We'd have plenty of time to get to k...  read more >>

  • LadyVon ( 32 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    I love going to different activities. I am very competitive and I see this as an opportunity to laugh and have a good time being yourself.

  • Abcummins ( 32 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    I believe a first date should be something fun and easy... Laid back so that we could get to know one another. Of course I like to be taken out to nice dinners or a nice date, but I think for a first...  read more >>

  • mikesnee ( 27 / M / Beverly Hills, CA )

    Def coffee or something quiet. Or an event to see if we connect or whatever

  • Mphehlo ( 37 / W / any city, Franche-Comte )

    How about going for a walk or play squash then coffee after?

  • NicoleAmber ( 30 / W / Memphis, TN )

    Something one on one that gives us the opportunity to get to know one another and share a few laughs.

  • TriSavvy ( 51 / W / Park City, UT )

    Golf? Some tennis? Adventure travel? Great food and wine? Something outdoors.

  • SkiBunnyL ( 54 / W / Costa Mesa, CA )

    Watching a game then dinner and drinks

  • Dainichi ( 30 / W / Copenhagen, Region Hovedstaden )

    Let's rollerblade !? Or we could go see an art exhibition...:) I'm flexible, but im not doing this highflown stilted cheesy candlelit dinnertable scene on a first meeting -the cheese and fine dining c...  read more >>

  • MYTIME13 ( 49 / W / Palm City, FL )

    racing cars, riding motorcycles, rollerblading, anything out of the realm of sitting over a drink, conversing likes and dislikes. That will come . Lets play first before getting all serious.

  • moostendorp ( 26 / W / Claremont, CA )

    i love the idea of competition on the first date, i love to bond while having fun.