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  • Shetographer ( 48 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    My ideal first date is, dinner, a movie and a long walk and talk- so we can get to know one another more. Maybe a mini photo shoot; to show off my photography skills.

  • PassionateJ23 ( 30 / M / New York, NY )

    First off, let's not call it a date. Let’s head out into the night with nothing but hunger, and find undiscovered wonders together to fire up our taste buds. Keep it lighthearted and just go with th...  read more >>

  • CantabHall ( 30 / W / Cambridge, England - Cambridgeshire )

    My partner is free to choose according to his personality.

  • 1730_luvanu ( 28 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Show me the art of throughout the city.

  • valentino130 ( 37 / W / Slough, England - Buckinghamshire )

    Somewhere nice , where both of us will be comfortable and free.

  • Sophistieuropean ( 39 / W / Sherman Oaks, CA )

    Many ideas but definitely would be related to food or art

  • kathleen12000 ( 62 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    coffee at star bucks , beach café, or one ocean would be a maybe start. When we meet and choose to make a first real date dinner will be waiting somewhere.

  • ParisB24 ( 33 / W / Detroit, MI )

    I would love to go some place where we could walk and talk and get to know each other I love Art in all differnt foms and believ that a museum or art gallery would be a Great first date

  • DCSportsGirl ( 41 / W / Sarasota, FL )

    It's always fun to explore a gallery, exhibit or collection -- I think it's very telling when a part of history, a piece of artwork or a light of inspiration moves a person.

  • Jollypistachio ( 27 / W / Stockholm, Stockholms Lan )

    Let's wander about and discover the city together..

  • Brunettbbw ( 49 / W / Winthrop Harbor, IL )

    I like being able to discuss art or exhibits as we walk around the museum.

  • Sillyshelby101 ( 22 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    I think a museum is a great first date location because you get to see how the other person respond to a piece. How they interpret something in a way you never would have.

  • miryam2001 ( 73 / W / maakt niet uit, Antwerpen )

    genieten van een etentje bij kaarslicht

  • Worldofmercedes1 ( 27 / W / Staten Island, NY )

    Sunset walks are also quite nice!

  • Ladylikegirl ( 31 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    Museums and historical buildings are awesome first dates. They offer us the option of getting to know each other subtly and in a natural and relaxed manner. They spark conversation and are full of ice...  read more >>