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  • argy2014 ( 47W / Bucharest, Bucuresti )


    I am very romantic women, so that's why i would like to walk on the beach in the evening both of us holding hands, or a candlelit dinner with a romantic music, I would love to be a romantic date :)

  • DjudjucAke ( 18M / Utrecht, Utrecht )


    I've never been on a date..so surprise me! But please, no climbing đŸ˜€

  • dragonsluck07 ( 42W / United Kingdom )


    To be picked up and flown to somewhere very romantic, would be the most memerable date ever.

  • joynercyndi ( 49W / Chatsworth, CA )


    Go to Griffith Park Observatory and view the universe

  • MsLadyRubies ( 20W / Allentown, PA )


    Somewhere that will remain a forever factor in our relationship together .