Fun Date Ideas

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  • Possumpie27 ( 46 / W / Crestmead, Queensland )

    Anywhere where we would both be comfortable. A stroll along the beach, a cafe over a nice cappuccino, even a nice beer garden somewhere over one or two drinks but it must be a public place.

  • OpenCareBear ( 54 / W / Austin, TX )

    First date should be a meeting for lunch or possibly happy hour and appetizers, and I think it's a real turn on for a man to make the plans and surprise me! I am looking for my life partner, a little old fashion and feel...  read more >>

  • WineAndWaves_ ( 38 / M / Washington, DC )

    Let’s pack our bags and head to Uruguay’s Punta del Este. We’ll spend our days on the beach and evenings at a crab shack having fresh-caught fish and ice cold beers. When we finally return to civilization, you’ll...  read more >>

  • LAlovelife ( 34 / W / Van Nuys, CA )

    A lovely meal, a preforming arts show (such as Cirque du Soleil), an interesting cultural event, a spa day, or even something active like paddle-boarding! The point is to experience an adventurous life together, full of...  read more >>

  • OliviaLee23 ( 34 / W / Baldwin, NY )

    Anything where we can get to know each other & enjoy one anothers company. Anything can be fun once your in good company.

  • Beachagb3 ( 55 / M / Ocean City, MD )

    Doesn't really matter if there's chemistry.

  • iamtweetybird ( 53 / W / Boyd, TX )


  • k9luver ( 44 / W / Gilbert, AZ )

    I live in Gilbert but I'm willing to meet someone where ever they would like to meet. I'm pretty easy going the first date should be something short in case there is not a connection?

  • titisisgold ( 28 / W / Beverly Hills, CA )

    lets wooooo each other

  • TimoTimo ( 46 / M / Sonoma CA USA, Zurich )

    Really strange feeling to describe my idea of best date opportunity. A bit shy after so long not having dating anyone.

  • wonderfularies ( 55 / W / Clarksburg, WV )

    Depends on the day and weather. Surprise me!

  • zolabailey ( 37 / W / Kingston, Saint Andrew )

    my idea of a first date would be to go on a picnic

  • Kaliaslove ( 68 / W / Compton, CA )

    I love to be near the beach, hear the waves so romantic. Something I have heard, seen or been around in years.

  • LadyLaz ( 25 / W / South Africa )

    No alcohol on a first date. It can be outdoors or a restaurant. I am not picky, I just want a environment where one can be themselves.

  • LordGuzman ( 36 / M / Marysville, CA )

    Dinner, Bowling, Watching a movie, baking togetherness or cooking, Cafe, Anywhere