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Dancing My favorite date ideas

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  • Choosey1 ( 39W / Brooklyn, NY )


    Wine, great chemistry and delicious foods

  • luckyleeo ( 36W / Austin, TX )


    A nice quaint dinner somewhere and some drinks at a dive bar.

  • Pretty_Gyrl ( 25W / Greeley, CO )


    The park by my house..... the bonfire in the back yard of the back of my house....... At a nice restaurant...

  • mickeymabes ( 39W / Odessa, TX )


    a romantic candlelight dinner to be able to really get to know the person would be really exciting for me..

  • mswaim ( 26W / Dover, AR )


    It depends. I like to go dancing or do something outdoorsy (hiking, etc.) or the traditional dinner or just doing an activity that we both like.