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  • LiveUrPassion ( 46W / Murrieta, CA )


    This certainly is something we choose together...at the very least we will have food in common. I love sharing new foods and enjoy exploring cultural and regional favorites... Any date that includes music is already a fa  more>>

  • TeaCHeer ( 56W / Suwanee, GA )


    I thoroughly enjoy fine wines with fine dining. I love new adventures and restaurants that are out of the ordinary. Wine tasting/pairings with food can be a great way to learn about someone's tastes. It can be a casual y  more>>

  • dianainsb ( 57W / Santa Barbara, CA )


    I love meeting on a first date and being totally surprised by the connection immediately! Eye contact, easy conversation, wanting to be just a bit closer...... It could be anywhere..... restaurant, cafe, beach, hike  more>>

  • srosetrock ( 27W / Fontana, CA )


    First dates are always a bit like interviews but I think going to dinner or talking over coffee is a safe first date. I am a foodie and love to try new places.

  • Faithbch ( 37W / Los Angeles, CA )


    At beach to talk,have fun and know more about ourselves with affecting each other