First Date Ideas

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  • Donneil206 ( 36 / M / Chauvin, LA )

    Go eat out have a few drinks spend time together were we can talk let you make me feel special so I can do DA same to you

  • StefanHigginson ( 25 / M / Brixham, England - Devon )

    Perhaps a nice walk along the coast to a quiet tasteful lunch amoung the bustling business of the city. Ideally a place where we can get to know a little bit about each other.

  • NjsFinest ( 29 / W / Neptune, NJ )

    I like to keep my first aid spontaneous after getting to know the person and their interests we could take it from there and decide somewhere we would literally want to go or I would just make it a surprise

  • Meru_Nuku ( 44 / M / Honolulu, HI )

    Cave dwelling in semi precious stone mines, enjoy the hot spring of Japan. Romantic diner under the aurora borealis. A trip to the artic to watch the baby white seals and penguins

  • PeterPan7 ( 45 / M / Stourbridge, England - Worcestershire )

    I am quite happy to cook you a meal (or at least attempt to) but I'd equally be home with some fine dining (Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Persian...I really don't mind) and a good wine. It's the company that's most  more>>