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Walking or Hiking

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  • Insearchofone ( 30M / Victorville, CA )


    Walks on the beach are always fun.

  • ginger20012000 ( 25W / Nashua, NH )


    would u like to watch a mocie or listen to music with me tonight?

  • brebre13 ( 19W / Houston, TX )


    A long walk to get to know one another.

  • TieraLynn07 ( 25W / Kent, WA )


    Somewhere quiet and intimate where we could get to know eachother. I think a walk on the beach and a nice picnic with some wine would be perfect.

  • Lynn1964 ( 50W / New Boston, MI )


    I love taking walks in the park at sunset...

  • alicia906 ( 34W / Chicago, IL )


    Any setting that allows us to walk and talk casually. Let's face it. A first meeting shouldn't be a first date. The first date is when you want to see each other again. Plus, I like to wing it. If all fails then a nice w  more>>

  • LushJoy ( 45W / Atlanta, GA )


    I love to go for a nice walk in a beautiful place then sit down for a cup of tea or coffee.

  • themfprincess ( 36W / Duluth, GA )


    My ideal first date would be doing anything outdoors whether we go to the park and talk or just walk around town and then grab a drink.

  • Thegoodman ( 41M / Bloomingburg, OH )


    Go out have a drink... Walking the park

  • Outdoorsguy2013 ( 42M / Palm Springs, CA )


    I enjoy going for a walk or hike somewhere or just a simple dinner.

  • nazzz23 ( 36W / Brisbane, Queensland )


    An outdoor activity or a romantic candlelit with some long walks near the river

  • SoSweet2014 ( 53W / Prince George, BC )


    Dinner is a good venue for a first date....just somewhere casual where both can talk and get to know each other.

  • Stac909 ( 31W / Omaha, NE )


    I lite candle dinner Will be okay

  • jenniferqq ( 46W / Roswell, GA )


    I love to go walking in the park locally, especially now that its so beautiful outside. But my favorite hikes have been in parks in California and Kauai.

  • UCmehuh ( 36W / Phoenix, AZ )


    Long walk talking getting to know one another