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Sporting Events My favorite date ideas

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  • SpiritualBeast ( 34 / M / Austin, TX )

    My favorite date.places would be a picnic on a beautifulday followed by an evening of.dancong and drinking!

  • EmeryGrace ( 38 / W / Tullahoma, TN )

    It's probably best if you see how intense I am at a football game right off the bat....

  • skylarhawk ( 55 / W / Little Rock, AR )

    Fun filled day attending a NASCAR race. Then a patio dinner at a popular local hot spot.

  • Zavadovskij ( 31 / M / Vilnius, Moskva )

    I love to travel and new countries. Architecture and customs of the countries

  • bcusumano ( 38 / W / Miami Beach, FL )

    It could be at a coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, beach, live music venue, bar, or any where outdoors! I absolutely am content in any setting. I think it's important to put your own flair to the event.

  • MzCollegeLife ( 31 / W / Petersburg, VA )

    Flowers dinner , Basketball game , or anything forreal

  • HairStlrs82 ( 33 / W / Tucson, AZ )

    Dinner and movie or something creative that someone can really impress me with that I wouldn't expect! Love sports except golf and pro basketball.

  • MeaganMontana ( 23 / W / Abilene, TX )

    I'm up for anything. I do enjoy originality though. We can go to a baseball game or even just to dinner as long as i get to know you.

  • Huayleng ( 27 / W / Singapore )

    I'm happy go lucky & willing to try on everythg, so for me a first date shud be fun,thrilling & a lot of interaction... Instead of movie & drinks..don't u thk it's abit dull??😉

  • Kalidream977 ( 32 / W / Culver City, CA )

    A basketball or hockey game would be fun. If it were football season, I would say football game.

  • hiimneek ( 25 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    a movie is always good. but then again im a sports fanatic, catching a laker game would be coo

  • MadeOnMaui ( 42 / W / Kahului, HI )

    Luxury seats at Gillette Stadium watching the Patriots (ok, I'm dreaming). How's about something involving good Vodka & a great time

  • KCTHICKUMMS2000 ( 22 / W / Axton, VA )

    The perfect first date would be going out to dinner or for drinks,then movies and back to your destination for dessert..I do love supprised so anything you come up with would be exciting as well. (I love to travel)

  • Tracey65 ( 50 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    A game would be a great first date--plenty of time to talk, lots of positive energy, share peanuts, and maybe get a few drinks downtown after the game.

  • Irishcream9 ( 51 / W / Key Biscayne, FL )

    Honestly, a first date can be very tricky. Lunch, a cup of coffee, something simple and an easy place to converse.