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Sporting Events

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  • MarieCurie ( 43W / Manistee, MI )


    A baseball game, football game, hockey game, Polo Match, or racing event would be ideal.

  • kellygene ( 28W / Sheboygan, WI )


    I would love to go to a sporting event!!!

  • BeachWaves2014 ( 49W / Calgary, AB )


    Well I would say the word date is the first part to get over hahaha. I think then everything will be great.

  • Kcedrone ( 45W / Brighton, MA )


    Coffee, batting cages, arcade, a walk Baseball game

  • mariemarkey ( 52W / Miami, FL )


    Anything by the water! Maybe dinner and a walk on the beach in Bal Harbour to see the sunset!

  • blondie20102000 ( 22W / Wellston, OH )


    Keep it simple and sweet. First impressions mean a lot.

  • Bryttnee ( 29W / Ventura, CA )


    I am open for anything.. Well pretty much anything:)

  • Sugaray2012 ( 34W / Bowling Green, KY )


    My idea of a great first date is a TN Titans football game or something else sporty.

  • BriKP40 ( 26W / Coraopolis, PA )


    I'd absolutely love dinner and a sporting event. It would be perfect taking a jet or chopper to get there.

  • KellyGreen4 ( 45W / Erie, PA )


    I can enjoy just about anything. I'd like to learn what you enjoy doing.

  • kc_sunshine0415 ( 39W / Lansing, MI )


    My ideal first date would be something fun, but also something that would allow for conversation. Maybe a baseball game or outdoor concert. I don't think a first date should be "romantic".

  • alfrazier ( 55W / Plano, TX )


    I would love a candle light dinner on the beach... simple but romantic

  • Mslola7 ( 22W / Amador City, CA )


    Go to a basketball game or movie, dinner then definitely some frozen yoghurt.

  • sbochet17 ( 20W / Minneapolis, MN )


    Sporting event and then out to dinner:)

  • MissYancy ( 33W / Phoenix, AZ )


    My first date i would like to be able to sit back and be the lady that I am. I think a man that can take control is beyond sexy to me. The date can be anything from going to a shooting range to flying out of town for a b  more>>