First Date Ideas

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  • _BeautifullKia ( 22 / W / Houston, TX )

    Long walks in a area with a nice scenery where we can talk and clear our minds and get to know each other without interruptions.

  • renny5mill ( 36 / M / Temple, GA )

    My first date idea would Be to go somewhere upscale and get to know each other.

  • GrownPrincess85 ( 31 / W / Chicago, IL )

    Somewhere downtown either night or day love to see both views

  • subtlysilly ( 26 / W / Overland Park, KS )

    A helicopter sightseeing tour and then a nice dinner sounds amazing to me!

  • YourNewBoss ( 25 / M / Dayton, OH )

    Let's go walk around downtown, find a new cafe we haven't tried, see what we can get into, and ultimately love every minute of it.

  • NaomiLove818 ( 24 / W / Santa Barbara, CA )

    How about a first date that allows us both to really get to know each other? Long walks on the beach while the sunset or a nice conversational picnic at the park ? I believe the simple things in life are the most memorab...  read more>>

  • moonbeam216 ( 37 / W / Kent, OH )

    Walks in the park or beach or lunch or just hanging out im not to picky but nothing extremely crazy or anything lol. Im up for listening to ideas

  • BrookeAshleyxo ( 24 / W / Vallejo, CA )

    I Love fine dining all the way down to hiking up a hill. What ever sets the mood to get to know one another

  • htay91 ( 25 / W / Frederick, MD )

    Let's go somewhere neither of us have been before. It could be a city or a beautiful spot in nature. Long car rides and conversation is one of my favorite things.

  • Tonija ( 29 / W / Mississauga, ON )

    My first ideal date would have to be a nice romantic walk and going on a romantic dinner where I can get in your mind and get to know you on a intellectual level. I'm a firm believer in taking my time to get to know befo...  read more>>

  • Juju709 ( 24 / W / Spring, TX )

    What better way to get to know someone than one on one walking around sightseeing anywhere. If it's at the mall with many people around, or somewhere more private for us like some backwoods to discover. Just talking and...  read more>>

  • Skyy1087 ( 28 / W / Miami Beach, FL )

    No planning.... Just doing. What's the fun on knowing where you will be's all a surprise and most of the time synchronicity.

  • six1dude7 ( 40 / M / Beaumont, CA )

    I prefer to get to know someone on the phone for a bit before asking to a first date. I'm a little old school that way. Whatever we do, it will be fun, because I only go on dates where people are certain they will have f...  read more>>

  • amzncha1 ( 48 / W / Hixson, TN )

    To me the idealistict first date is going on a private candle light dinner,and a walk on the beach,being personal opening up, getting to know one another.

  • bashley24 ( 31 / W / Stow, OH )

    Meet and then be spontaneous and figure it out on the spot! A whole day date to explore the town and get to know each other.