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Random Nighttime Activities

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  • BreathofO2 ( 27W / Bloomington, IN )


    Driving to the country and star gazing. It's ok if we have to cheat and use Google SkyMaps a little bit. I can point out about a dozen constellations and I love reading the mythology behind how the constellations and sta  more>>

  • Helloblondie ( 21W / Australia )


    The perfect date would be walking along the beach happily chatting about nothing in particular followed by a goodnight kiss.

  • TeaintheD ( 43W / Ferndale, MI )


    Surprise me, I'm very open minded and love trying new things.

  • CAAussie ( 40W / Encinitas, CA )


    Amazing food, somewhere I haven't been, romance and laughter.

  • Bella_girls ( 22W / New York, NY )


    Clubbing..........to 4 am then i take my highheels to my bag, put converse, take your hand and run to the dreams! :-D

  • lkn4lvnTX ( 44W / Spring, TX )


    I'm an adventurous girl and am willing to try anything once! I don't really have a favorite place because i pretty much like everything.

  • fallenangel66 ( 48W / Vassar, MI )


    I am open for ideas...depends on the interests of my date and time of the year.

  • Worthit403 ( 37W / Calgary, AB )


    Dinner and wine out or in. Talking and having a few laughs. No major expectations. If we click great!

  • Cupid_Angel ( 22W / Bushnell, FL )


    Beggers cant be choosers :)) ....

  • Gleason2001 ( 54W / Queensbury, NY )


    I think a nice first date would be a nice quite restaurant to have a nice glass of wine and get to know each other. Maybe something to eat but not necessarily.

  • ThickumzLewis ( 23W / Houston, TX )


    Me i just go with the flow of things, if we are having a good time anywhere thats fine with me, i dont have a particular order or way i do things

  • donlyn50 ( 54W / Winder, GA )


    Romantic candlelight diner and great conversation etc.

  • lilmsdesire ( 24W / San Diego, CA )


    Start out with some nice dinner, I would probably choose Italian.We would start with appetizers and some nice white wine. Have great chemistry and conversations. We plan the night as we go...

  • QueenBofCLT ( 36W / Charlotte, NC )


    Surprise me. But don't be cliche.

  • Crazy77 ( 37W / Australia )


    Relaxing, entertaining.....unplanned fun even skinny dippn lol