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  • Drggrl ( 50W / Santa Rosa, CA )


    My idea of a good first date is going somewhere where we can talk and see if there is a mental and physical connection, but also to be doing something. Tasting wine. Enjoying an art show. Hiking. I am open to the activit  more>>

  • MissEGlitter ( 29W / Pasadena, CA )


    Some thing interesting like a street fair or a wine/food festival

  • Kissy86 ( 28W / Northfield, OH )


    I'm not picky, and I like to be surprised. F course dinner is nice, but change it up a little. I like to experience new things with new people, and what better a time to do so, than in a first date.

  • springbeauty70 ( 21W / La Jolla, CA )


    Ice skating then a walk in a park or on the beach with ice cream

  • Kinky_Eve ( 21W / Fairbanks, AK )


    I love love love surprises and the water!

  • RoyalRemz ( 23W / Memphis, TN )


    Anything different and random. Just like to be amazed and having fun while being in an atmosphere to get to know each other.

  • imoratheamisavur ( 25W / Tucson, AZ )


    I'm thinking something light and simple.go out for drinks spend an hour talking and getting to know each other. Then go home. Make a longer real date next time. I find if you put to much pressure on a first date the seco  more>>

  • Katvond ( 41W / Barcelona, Madrid )


    Nice dinner with a great bottle of red wine... Great conversation and laughs... Followed by something exciting and new..

  • Sprkins1 ( 26W / Memphis, TN )


    I don't really care as long as we're having a good time. We could sitting at home, eating dinner and talking, or bungee jumping and then coffee. I am a pretty open minded kinda gal.

  • Catathebeach ( 39W / Myrtle Beach, SC )


    A surprise... Possibly a a spontaneous flight to a close by city for a football game, concert or even dinner

  • Kaylinlee ( 25W / Macon, GA )


    Something new exciting spontenou breathtaking..... Can you make me remember you ?

  • vmti2003 ( 66M / Dunedin, FL )


    I think a first date should be open-ended to make it interesting, Begin by meeting for coffee or a glass of wine to get to know each other and if the chemistry is there, extend the evening with dinner at a nice restauran  more>>

  • Pasara ( 36W / Garland, TX )


    Ice Skating (haha), Catching a Double Feature at the Galaxy Drive-In, Day Trip to the Countryside, Just sharing stories over cocktails or coffee at some cozy hidden spot. Farmers Market, an Outdoor Festival, Fishing (!)

  • rella_m ( 20W / Hampton, ON )


    I think a fun first date would be to go to a comedy club, have a few drinks, and walk around the city.

  • Tina202 ( 29W / Washington, DC )


    Anything is liable to happen... Depends on how the moonlight hits my face !