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Random Nighttime Activities

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  • newyorkcountry ( 24W / Arlington, VA )


    going out to eat. watching a movie. taking a walk. making each other laugh

  • cal106 ( 25M / Lake Wales, FL )


    theres not much like eating dinner on the beach and then going for a walk

  • alena94 ( 20W / Wickliffe, OH )


    Movies, dinner, going for a walk, museum, shopping, a sports game, a concert, coffee, etc.

  • Bobbygoodmeat ( 32M / Jacksonville, FL )


    Depends on what i make of her likes so women do like there fat with sand on them lol.

  • audiofox90 ( 23W / Wyckoff, NJ )


    Anywhere we can have a conversation, see if there's a spark and take it from there ;)

  • smidge20 ( 36W / Raleigh, NC )


    Has to be something that will keep the both of us guessing.

  • Jlove9331 ( 20W / Fair Haven, VT )


    I would like to go out and go bowling play some pool and then just go some where and talk and get to know each other

  • NeverLetGo1992 ( 36W / Naugatuck, CT )


    Going somewhere both of us would love. And also a place to sit and get to know each other

  • brent_allen ( 19M / Poughkeepsie, NY )


    take a walk if nice out, watch a movie at home in bed.

  • HereIAM2 ( 44M / Stone Mountain, GA )


    How about we grab some food and maybe catch some live music and cocktails and maybe even try out the old dancing skills that I don't have. Hahaha

  • Elegance2019 ( 48W / Dallas, TX )


    Anywhere is fun with the person you want to be with

  • sweetbunny49 ( 50W / Holden, ME )


    Dinner, dancing, a movie, we can discuss it.

  • fnkyluv0519 ( 43W / Columbus, NE )


    I want something that allows us to visit and learn something fun about each other. Something that allows us to laugh, relax and feel comfortable.

  • Prettiyungthang ( 21W / Pittsburgh, PA )


    I would want My first date to be somewhere grown & sexy

  • Shamoo0023 ( 33M / Ludington, MI )


    Getting a drink, having dinner, walking on the beach