First Date Ideas

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  • ariebabex ( 19 / W / New York, NY )

    my idea of a date night would be to be spontaneous and not always do the simple dinner or movie date. take me somewhere thats spur of the moment and where we can have fun.

  • Simplebeauty85 ( 30 / W / Reno, NV )

    This is my dream first date. 😊 I would love a candlelight at the side of the beach or a water view. It doesn't have to be expensive but a simple dinner and quality time will be amazing. But, I would love if the man wi...  read more>>

  • Sonnydasmee ( 20 / M / Wilson, NC )

    Whatever it is you like to do I'm willing to try

  • Matesy ( 33 / M / Australia )

    Motel by the hour with vibrating bed.

  • Micha69wp ( 22 / M / North Liberty, IN )

    Go out to a beautiful spot, watch the stars, and see where we go from there

  • EricaWilliams ( 24 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    I like music fruit sometimes dancing drawing horses animals lights new things nothing to special is required just a great time n crablegs my favorite lol

  • jmh3838 ( 39 / M / Morrill, ME )

    Dinner,so we can talk get to know each other more maybe a walk after if things we're going well then talk of a second date.

  • Pinkjellyfish ( 42 / W / Edmonton, AB )

    First dates should be informal and relaxed, a time to get to know one another.

  • dave870 ( 36 / M / Helena, AR )

    Someplace quiet with drinks basically us being alone

  • bettysandra35 ( 30 / W / Elgin, IL )

    it was a bad one don't wanna share it

  • ohmyboo ( 25 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    Any place that we can talk, get to know each other better and have a good time. Ideally with good music on the background.

  • stephen69696969 ( 38 / M / Cincinnati, OH )

    My first date would include dinner at a nice restaurant and a carriage ride through downtown

  • MiniMaai ( 36 / W / Netherlands )

    Depends on how our contacts be before the actual date. But, drinks would be fine or dinner. No movies at first dates please, cause i cannot talk to you during the movie.

  • GottDarn ( 43 / W / Ponca City, OK )

    For my first date I would like to go out to a club,eat,long walks,or just chill somewhere and get to know each other.

  • williamsg2 ( 23 / M / Indianapolis, IN )

    A nice romantic and fun night where we can get to know each other in different aspects. Having a nice dinner and able to maybe dance as well have fun and just laugh. Being able to enjoy each other's company and connect...  read more>>