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Random Daytime Activities

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  • Catarenna ( 49W / Australia )


    Somewhere relaxed and fun. I'm open to ideas.

  • lilfreaka32 ( 24W / Albany, KY )


    Im up for anything i like bein suprised when it comes to dates

  • simplymeC86 ( 28W / Decatur, GA )


    Brunch on Saturday with a nice walk in the park or random day time activity while holding hands & enjoying each others company!

  • Kirralee ( 19W / Australia )


    Just want it to be relaxed, calm but fun at the same time where we can do something amazing but tall and get to know each other

  • Lauracm84 ( 30W / Auburn, WA )


    Maybe go for a walk along the boardwalk or beach. Grab a drink at the coffee shop or an intimate bar where we can actually hold a conversation. Though I would also be up for going to a museum or exhibit

  • coolchick597 ( 20W / Hillsdale, NY )


    Going for a walk on a nice trail somewhere in the forest. Talking and getting to know you.

  • millz2cute ( 21W / Bronx, NY )


    My first date could be any where as long as the conversatiin is there.than i.will have an amazing time

  • UniqueSarah ( 30W / Sheerness, England - Kent )


    I'm open to ideas of first dates but have always loved visiting the zoo!

  • jmc693 ( 20W / Staunton, VA )


    Anything thats fun I'm up for, unless its jumping out of a plane or bungy jumping. thats just terrifying. haha xD

  • SaucyNan ( 56W / Wichita, KS )


    Meet and spend time talking...walking...exploring see if "its" there

  • countrydave ( 28M / Blackwood, NJ )


    Take a ride in my jeep to some beautiful scenery and talk/ get to kno each other.

  • Kitsune1st ( 24W / Kingston, Saint Andrew )


    For a first date, I think it's important to be in a relaxed setting, relatively quiet to facilitate conversation. We'd partake in random activities that would allow us to get to know each other through talking as well as  more>>

  • Hottie13 ( 36W / Glasgow, KY )


    Walk by the lake talk and get to know each other better

  • bran9271 ( 39W / Port Orange, FL )


    Relax/Walk on the beach enjoy a cocktail with a view

  • Pennelopexx ( 30W / Philippines )


    Doing some random activities, maybe try something new for both us for the first time