First Date Ideas

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  • Malcolmf ( 23 / M / Chicago, IL )

    Ladies always pick the place an day

  • Triniebeanie ( 33 / W / Charleston, SC )

    I'm can be romantic but I love everyday things! Maybe it might be running errands or hanging out at the house! I am easy to please! Nothing is better than time well spent with each other!

  • WickedKitty ( 53 / W / Tucson, AZ )

    I like going bowling for a first date b/c it's hard to take yourself too seriously in those ugly a$$ shoes! It's relaxing and fun and not too competitive. You can figure out pretty quickly who has natural athletic abilit...  read more>>

  • MrTillman ( 41 / M / Humble, TX )

    I would like my first date to consist of as much communication as possible... Getting to know each other... Feeling free to ask questions so that by the end of the date we will both know if we are compatible or not... No...  read more>>

  • RicoG81 ( 35 / M / Rockingham, NC )

    A night of relaxation and games with friends then personal dinner for us solo. Id like to cook.

  • ladiesman8484 ( 32 / M / Australia )

    your bedroom or bathroom hot bath and nice wine

  • Felicity15 ( 24 / W / Australia )

    I want to do something fun and a bit different from a traditional first date. Take me to a concert, for a walk or go sightseeing. I want someone who can surprise me

  • Shia_vee ( 22 / W / South Africa )

    Anything that doesn't have to do with basic dinner or a movie... something fun. Quad biking... bungee jumping... swimming. .. anything active.

  • secondrow1981 ( 36 / M / Penicuik, Scotland - Midlothian )

    this is new for first date would be a meet in the beach on a sunny day and just take it from there ...

  • itsbigg ( 42 / M / Lockport, IL )

    i believe in keepin it simple. we can do whayever.

  • BigPhil2k15 ( 30 / M / Far Rockaway, NY )

    Going to a nice beautiful restaurant ,sit outside by the water ,and eat some good Caribbean food lol

  • ChuyJrRodriguez ( 34 / M / Austin, TX )

    a picnic during the day movie in the afternoon dinner walk under the stars lights

  • BartBart ( 21 / M / Poland )

    Actually, it could be anything , Im sure we will have fun either way

  • Xoxoxorach ( 36 / W / Lake Worth, FL )

    I'm very easy going and am very open to anything. I do love being adventurous and doing things I've never done before so maybe we could do something exciting! (:

  • Nicole_Lynn_Cini ( 45 / W / West Chester, PA )

    Let me show you our local art museum. After that, take a walk on the river.....hope you like old railroad tressels....yes, I'm adventurous too! Go to antique, junk stores to find a new surprise treasure to take home to d...  read more>>