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Playing sports / Games My favorite date ideas

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  • educator2011 ( 57W / Southfield, MI )


    A morning of golf (or another sport), light lunch, window shopping, power nap, then nice romantic dinner where I can eat steak and lobster and listen to live entertainment

  • Nicky662011 ( 26W / Arlington, TX )


    Something fun and interactive. Ideal first date would be going to a paintball park.

  • skiinggyn ( 44W / Baltimore, MD )


    I think a great first date is doing a sporting activity like going to hit golf balls or going sailing and then hanging out for a drinks afterwards. If it is winter, going to ski is always a great idea.

  • Queen_Lilia ( 31W / Coppell, TX )


    Paragliding off a mountain and then we can have a picnic on the beach.

  • teleski ( 53W / Vail, CO )


    Who would like to go skiing with me?

  • GOLFgal2011 ( 56W / Toronto, ON )


    Let's play golf.....no better way to spend time, have fun and get to know each other! You can learn a lot about someone on a golf course!

  • spending ( 22M / milano, Campania )


    all date must take place in a cool place like beach, garden an so??????

  • ruhairynhung ( 50M / Germantown, TN )


    since first dates are stressful- we can just go play golf or go swimming- something that is not formal and stuffy- plenty of time for fine dining and one on one time later

  • Enil003 ( 45W / Melbourne, Victoria )


    Doing an activity together , like playing a game(squash0 and then drinks and maybe dinner after.

  • MazinPZ ( 62W / Tallahassee, FL )


    How about a game of tennis? Or, if you're more of a spectator...tickets to a professional tournament? Oh, I would LOVE that!

  • MermaidAquata ( 50W / Schneckenhausen, Rheinland-Pfalz )


    Watch the sundown on the beach enjoying a cocktail, after a scuba diving trip to a great location.

  • Arabebabao ( 36M / Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland )


    when i meet my first date, we would go to the bar of to a film house, or go to play so pool, of take a slow walk and nice a talk.

  • Jfiness ( 30W / Ormond Beach, FL )


    First date idea can include an outdoor activity such as golf, kayak, rollerblading, biking etc....or a nice dinner and glass of wine.

  • Crocodileblonde ( 51W / Miami Beach, FL )


    Last minute, spur of the moment surprise which can be no frills or a formal dinner. I can go from 0-60 in a matter of moments. Why take a lot of time in getting ready when you can spend the time with that special someone  more>>

  • Klm10987 ( 47W / Allendale, NJ )


    While a first date to meet for coffee or a drink is good, I prefer a more active first date where we can get to know each other by experiencing something together. How about ice skating, a trip to the driving range or a  more>>