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Playing sports / Games

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  • haileyx ( 22W / Spring Lake, NJ )


    goingg to a baseball gamee(: and maybe if i likee you i'll comee back to your place afterr .

  • swee2134 ( 22W / Lexington, KY )


    My perfect first date would be to first go to a nice restaurant and get to know each other. I would then like to go do something wild and unique. Like going to a wildlife area or going snorkeling haha. It could also be a  more>>

  • shmellbourn ( 27M / Beverly Hills, CA )


    a nice dinner and maybe we hit the town and see whats going on in the city

  • hungwell1974 ( 40M / Verdun, QC )


    I open for anything, the both of us can decide but best to keep it simple yet sweet.

  • trueblue2018 ( 43W / Mobile, AL )


    In a public place having coffee or an activity like a baseball game, beach volleyball.... Etc!

  • freshbreath ( 58M / North Miami Beach, FL )


    Meet at a bowling alley for a couple of games and a beer.

  • Ilyan_kovalsky ( 29M / North Hollywood, CA )


    sport date would be ideal! Kayaking, skiing, hiking, surfing, beach volleyball competition. Lite Dinner after

  • gman261 ( 56M / Cushing, MN )


    My best past first dates have been activity dates, activities shared by the two parties. Meeting for a meal is more like an interview and not as much fun!

  • Missalaskagirl ( 43W / Morrow, OH )


    How about we swap books? You share some of your favorites and I will share some of mine.

  • Dolce4ever ( 36W / Atlanta, GA )


    Golf course , or maybe "gate away" trip . Or a quiet place for dinner - or maybe a "racing & race" vacation. It's up to you -You pick.

  • BIGPANTS ( 31M / Kingston, Saint Andrew )


    when we meet in person we hug maybe kiss on the jaw then talk

  • Beckyo6 ( 47W / Dundalk, MD )


    A candle-light dinner in a serene environment. Holding hands and walking on the beach. Sitting quietly, looking into each others eyes and watching the sea waves and the tides as they rise and fall. Lying on the sand unde  more>>

  • softnsilky2000 ( 50W / Vero Beach, FL )


    My first meeting something quick at a coffehouse or smoothie place twenty minutes max if there is chemistry arrange a date go golfing or bowling and then sit down for a nice lunch or dinner for a more intimate conversati  more>>

  • Garymmm ( 56M / Palm Beach Gardens, FL )


    An encounter that's electric and leaves me wanting for the next one...

  • faklsfjal ( 23M / Hillsboro, IN )


    Something Dealing with sports or something outside