First Date Ideas

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  • smokehouse ( 79 / M / Scottsdale, AZ )

    I would want to take my first date to a charming and elegant restaurant on the ocean a place that is not only relaxing but perfect for for lunch or dinner

  • AdamandEve1965 ( 40 / W / Greendale, WI )

    For a casual date, I think coffee at a book store or lunch at a trendy restaurant, then a walk or a trip to the museum. For a more romantic first date, wine and dinner by candlelight at a fine restaurant then live entert...  read more>>

  • Anita401 ( 67 / W / Clementon, NJ )

    Maybe lunch or dinner, walk in the park, tea or coffee, a day on the beach, movie, depending on the time of the year. There are a lot things depending on where the individual resides and what's going on that time of the...  read more>>

  • jqhiggins ( 60 / M / Atlanta, GA )

    Comfortable: A walk in the park, coffee or a quiet drink; or English pub food at the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern during an evening with the Bard.

  • averyspeciallady ( 61 / W / Jackson, MI )

    A candle lit dinner, followed by a live performance. or we could go to a movie. I have always been unique, so please think out side of the box, and surprise me. I will not bungee dive, or hang glide, jump out of a plane...  read more>>

  • msmcmalin ( 61 / W / Beachwood, OH )

    Our first date may consist of dinner or drinks or maybe a cruise or prehaps the theater, a base ball game, or ect, More important what do you like, then I will tell you if I take a liking's to it...............

  • felicia21 ( 27 / W / Parkville, MD )

    dinner movies and other things

  • aoolag ( 31 / W / London, England - London )

    Going to the theater watching a nice play, followed by a nice classy dinner

  • polarbear2009 ( 49 / M / Northampton, England - Northamptonshire )

    would be leisure havind a romantic meal or drink just comunication or a walk where we can know more abou each other

  • rejzla31 ( 52 / W / London, Zurich )

    music concert (classical music) in any of the famous london music venues

  • annieBELL2001 ( 61 / W / Lansing, MI )

    myfirst date would be a romantic dinner, with soft light and music. a nice glass of wine. then a walk along a beach. or sitting and watching the stars come out..

  • sharkcitydiva ( 28 / W / San Jose, CA )

    I attend a top 5 private art school so I love all things cultural. A trip to the cinema, concerts, art gallery and maybe a nice but simple dinner (hopefully a healthy one because a girls gotta watch her figure- he he). I...  read more>>

  • angelique_5 ( 58 / W / Llandudno, Wales - Caernarfonshire )

    A night at a modern ballet followed by a fine meal

  • captaincad2011 ( 69 / M / Hershey, PA )

    Concert in my favorite city, home to the worlds music

  • Fergmeister ( 48 / M / Hamilton, Scotland - Lanarkshrie )

    Laughter is always good on a first date (unless it's directed at you!) so I would suggest a night out at a comedy club.