First Date Ideas

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  • derbygirl2002 ( 40 / W / Clyde, OH )

    Someplace busy. I like to people watch. Someplace we can talk and be comfortable like it's just us.

  • ADutchess ( 31 / W / Madison, WI )

    We meet, talk and get to know one another.

  • rameshsona ( 38 / M / India )

    Any place dosent matter . First option. For the girl who love me

  • gymresident ( 51 / M / Hot Springs, SD )

    Just tell me where you would like to go out. If I like you, I will fly there. I really don't mind. Finding the right woman is a lot more important than the price of an airline ticket. RH

  • YogaGirl311 ( 25 / W / Boston, MA )

    Let's take a stroll around the MFA, then grab drinks at the Fairmont Copley (my favorite).

  • ginger414 ( 54 / W / New York, NY )

    MoMA and coffee afterwards..What's better than art and conversation?

  • AnaisNin76 ( 39 / W / Middleburg, VA )

    You can tell a lot from a person's view of art. What type they favor or dislike. For me, it's an indicator to one's psyche. Let me analyze you.

  • AnaTCL87 ( 28 / W / Torrance, CA )

    A trip to a museum followed by early dinner/late lunch sounds like lots of fun!

  • cookie2085 ( 54 / W / Tucson, AZ )

    Dinner or a movie.. I like to do all kinds of things museums sports just anything that's light and casual just to get to know someone first

  • andylove10 ( 24 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    I love art and music and really anything active :-) i love outdoor sports :-) i love to maintain a very open range of activities.

  • JennyNYC ( 36 / W / New York, NY )

    Conversation, banter and laughter that begins and continues like it could last a lifetime into sitting in rocking chairs on the deck together in our lake home.

  • LovingTrueSexual ( 35 / W / Boonville, MO )

    Get lost for hours ejoying conversation as we get lost in eachother....

  • choc2093 ( 48 / W / Syracuse, NY )

    I was thinking, first we go to the museum or galleries ......then have a romantic candlelight dinner somewhere elegant with nice music playing!!!!!!! Then take a walk hand n hand just getting to know one another!!!!! Hop...  read more>>

  • One_MindBody ( 68 / M / Durham, NC )

    Lets check out a gallery or museum, see how we respond to the works, then go for a cup of coffee or glass of wine too see more of how we view ourselves and the world.

  • kelespi81 ( 35 / W / Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan )

    Painting , Cooking a meal together and drinking Pinot Griggio........Going to a Full moon party or watch the sunset together.