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  • Anberith ( 26W / Reykjavík )


    Spending an afternoon together doing various things like going to a museum, having a walk through the park. Then if we are enjoying each others company, maybe a lovely dinner at a restaurant.

  • cswildkat ( 46W / Gainesville, GA )


    A great lunch and visiting a museum!!

  • quachdien ( 49W / Oceanside, CA )


    nice dinner or walk on the beach ..if that ok !!meeting and see if that connect .?

  • Jerrick69 ( 45M / Amarillo, TX )


    My ideas of first date are go to movies. Restaurant. Fishing if possible. Just any thing about interesting And give way for conversation

  • ildolcecigno23 ( 21W / Sugar Land, TX )


    A quiet date where shouting to be heard is unnecessary. Something mundane that encourages conversation and isn't too distracting.

  • vivre12344321 ( 54W / Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen )


    Besuch in einem Museum, Konzert oder Balett

  • wendyromero2000 ( 32W / Liverpool, England - Lancashire )


    A man that's fun loving, love me for whom I am, loves to cuddle, hold hands while walking always trying to be that real man that he is and be treated like one

  • mhedz2545 ( 47W / San Francisco, CA )


    just talk to each other. and happy walking to each other.

  • WEIWX1 ( 41W / Amersfoort, Utrecht )


    Take a walk on beach, or candle dinner, or visit museum!

  • Looking4mstRight ( 49W / New York, NY )


    Maybe we could meet at the Met on a Saturday night and walk around while we get to know each other. I think a first date should be less about the event and more about the company.

  • laceymartinez ( 25W / Houston, TX )


    Maybe go to an art gallery, dinner, then a walk somewhere serene.

  • LLo322 ( 27W / Austin, TX )


    First dates should be creative! They make the best impression. Whether it's going to a small restaurant with amazing food and conversation, or going to an exhibit opening and talking about the artwork presented, high lev  more>>

  • blueeyes1260 ( 54W / Beacon Falls, CT )


    Something casual, coffee, dinner, a movie.

  • jack95in ( 61M / Beverly Hills, CA )


    How about a dog show and then a gallery?

  • happyu2 ( 28W / Wappingers Falls, NY )


    any place of the person choice i would rather anything else but dinner or eating