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First Class Activities

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  • vanskyhawkcrysta ( 40W / Bushnell, FL )


    Something romantic. But not pushy. Surprise me, I love surprises.

  • Macdarden ( 43W / Tustin, CA )


    Dinner at a quiet place, doing something at the beach, playing pool,country dancing, spontaneous suprise, I'm up for your ideas.

  • shree58 ( 25W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    Something surprising.... I never dated or go on dates as much. But something that I can always remember

  • cortneykay ( 24W / Oceanside, CA )


    Anything fun and exciting! I am always willing and wanting to have a fun time

  • jasminebabee ( 24W / Sacramento, CA )


    Dinner , Movies The beach Concerts art muesums

  • Arealtexasangel ( 52W / McKinney, TX )


    Meeting in a public place for coffee or lunch dinner, which should include pleasant conversation and getting to know the basics about each other. See how dinner goes then decide what to do next, either part ways and have  more>>

  • Golden_kitty2 ( 23W / Wolverhampton, England - West Midlands )


    Going out to dinner or lunch or a bar, grinding and having a good time with. Or going to the cinema and a movie.

  • Miss_holly ( 37W / Brownsville, PA )


    Golf cart racing :) mini golf :) dinner :)

  • Moneypluslove ( 34M / Englewood, CO )


    First date would a place we can have sushi and talk. Hope you like sushi.

  • Brrratz01 ( 26W / Waterford, MI )


    Show me ur worth my time...spoil me rotten

  • Mestisa ( 43W / Dublin, CA )


    Some of the dating category's sound lovely: A nice dinner, millionaire activities, culinary adventures. Use your imagination, there are so many things to do and see!

  • chloe13 ( 34W / Tarragona. Barcelona, Cataluna )


    Asistir a la ópera, romántica cena, reunión social, hipica, navegar, noche de pasión

  • Mc0012 ( 53M / Lincoln, NE )


    Hmmmm.hanging out with her and hosting.learning more about the partner

  • bowshn ( 21W / East London, Eastern Cape )


    Picnic at a park take a long walk just to get know each other then a setup dinner later on, something more serious & having a great time with my match

  • Nyc2013 ( 40W / New York, NY )


    On the first date I would like to have a chance to get a sense of who you are.