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  • Loulou03 ( 57W / New Smyrna Beach, FL )


    Lunch , drinks , anywhere we can talk and get to know each other .

  • mrlovejoy ( 71M / Matlock, England - Derbyshire )


    Take our time over a glass of wine before we order food, to have time to get to know each other a little and ask those million or so questions that we have!

  • brnidgrl1 ( 45W / Sacramento, CA )


    I would prefer casual at first like meeting for a cup of coffee, or glass of wine. followed by a walk on the beach, if things went well.

  • snow_whitex ( 19W / Pensacola, FL )


    A nice meal outside in the beautiful weather, talking and laughing, getting to know eachother, walking around downtown together looking at the art, enjoying ourselves.

  • Marsusy ( 35W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    I don´t say "a date", I will say, "first meet", and both decide: what would we like to do.

  • Princess0072004 ( 49W / Atlanta, GA )


    Lunch to start out with. Then if the date gets an A. Dinner date will follow and the rest is history. Lunch will be casual. Dinner nice nice. No fast food on the lunch ;-)

  • Mally6 ( 36M / United Kingdom )


    Wud love to go out for a nice meal then a couple ov drinks see if we cud meet again xx

  • curlycurvy ( 51W / Phoenix, AZ )


    Shall we go to a quiet and famous restaurant for lunch.

  • KathyCutshaw ( 36W / Chesapeake, VA )


    I would like to meet before the first real date

  • bellasapphire ( 46W / South Lake Tahoe, CA )


    I have yet to go on a boat thru Emerald Bay...I would love to do that and have lunch overlooking Emerald Bay!!!

  • smithylee ( 40W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Any place but our first date must be superb must be a memorable one

  • Happyjojo ( 54W / Hull, England - Yorkshire )


    A coffee or a drink in a cozy pub, somewhere that you can chat and get to know each other

  • blondy14xo ( 39W / Clacton-on-Sea, England - Essex )


    Boat ride Walking Dinner Playing some sort of sport Coffee

  • skdfit5 ( 45W / Nazareth, PA )


    A lunch or dinner date, then a nice walk around a lake while getting to know each other.

  • Heaven08 ( 48W / Arlington, TX )


    First, I'll greet you with a big hug, we can talk and maybe make plans for later, like a walk in the park or maybe share a ice cream cone or a big sundae, 1 cherry for you, open wide and 1 cherry for me, nice and slow.