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Lunch My favorite date ideas

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  • sadie15lady ( 20 / W / Mankato, MN )

    A casual lunch is a great first date! Getting to know you over coffee or tea would be awesome too. What do you think?

  • StacyIsla ( 44 / W / Houston, TX )

    Casual lunch, walk on the beach, park or just sit and enjoy a cup of coffe.

  • miss1love ( 35 / W / Providence, RI )

    My first date would be out to dinner and a walk 🚶 on the beach

  • d7e7l7 ( 45 / M / McAllen, TX )

    Relaxed , good vibe Not to busy place

  • 2gd2b4gttn ( 46 / W / Fort Hood, TX )

    Surprise me...take control, I lime something romantic yet different. Convince me that you are different from all the rest.

  • jessicasol ( 27 / W / Oslo )

    We can meet for a coffee, lunch or something else. I'm up for anything and easy to please :-)

  • akjenna ( 45 / W / Anchorage, AK )

    Lunch or dinner in the country or the city, an opportunity to meet and see if there's a spark and if so go from there.?

  • Kelzsmith3085 ( 30 / M / Staten Island, NY )

    Dinner movie then a nice long walk on the beach or some where the person likes to do it up to the female

  • eddielover69 ( 46 / M / Cleveland, OH )

    Dinner would be ideal or lunch.then someplace quite so we can talk and get to know each other without no interuptipns pr distractions.I'm open to where and how we converse.and the date can be mutually planned to fit into  more>>

  • RouxJH ( 41 / M / South Africa )

    An informal romantic picnic where we can talk & eat and get to know one another in a relaxing environment

  • Heatherjh ( 21 / W / South Africa )

    Going out for lunch, have time to talk about anything, spent the whole day together depending on our schedules,can even go for a movie. I'm up for anything

  • Reba8199 ( 34 / W / Fullerton, CA )

    Lunch is always a good idea. It's not so much pressure for a first date. It gives the opportunity for good conversation light meal and possibly a drink and if we hit it off then we can extend the date longer.

  • Hdmj01 ( 45 / W / Fort Wayne, IN )

    By the beach alone or watching movies and kicking back. Exploring and having fun.

  • khushii ( 23 / W / Bronx, NY )

    Am not sure about first date idea but just something simple, nothing fancy.

  • Prettyblack30 ( 30 / W / Baton Rouge, LA )

    Make me feel special. I never went on a real date