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Live Music / Concerts My favorite date ideas

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  • bigmike17303 ( 37 / M / Key West, FL )

    I would love for her to come done ane we could get to know each other

  • LoveSaidNo ( 36 / W / Yucca Valley, CA )

    Im new at this dating stuff. Im not into the quiet dinner dating. id rather be at a concert, or show. just about anywhere theres entertainment, its a great ice breaker.

  • maturejuli ( 37 / W / Pompano Beach, FL )

    Sitting and discussing about us

  • Kay0032 ( 37 / W / Columbia, MO )

    Probably at a big party and just feeling like I'm the only person in the room besides that other person

  • Itsdjpetey ( 25 / M / Charlotte, NC )

    You coming to one of my shows!

  • Stella_V ( 23 / W / Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki )

    i want someone to surprise me and to have everything prepared for our first date

  • MaeBeSo ( 49 / W / Margate City, NJ )

    Strangely enough - there is quite a bit of live jazz down here at the shore, a lot of it very good. And as much as I enjoy going and listening to some, it make a lousy first date. The bars around here are too loud (i gue  more>>

  • Keiki0303 ( 36 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    Music is universal so going to hear a live band play or someone sing live would be an awesome first date. I also love the beach so going jet skiing or boating would also be great for a first date.

  • Jahnae ( 25 / W / Mississauga, ON )

    I imagine our first date at a nice restaurant , where we both can be relax and comfortable talking to each other followed by a awesome moment of live music/concert just to free our mind and body.

  • Sumthinsweet85 ( 30 / W / Troutville, VA )

    I'm not sure I guess what ever u decide. I'm up for anything. A couple drinks laying back looking at the stars and talkin gettin to know each other sounds good if it does to you

  • BBONYX ( 68 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    I would like to go somewhere in public with plenty of lighting, maybe a small jazz venue and then a nice small dinner with a little wine, then we go dance the food off...Oh.....we would have to stop for desert too...I lo  more>>

  • MrKnight_love ( 21 / M / Charlotte, NC )

    Go out too a nice jazz concerts. After go Out too a beautiful restaurant.

  • vggvgvvgbhbh333 ( 31 / M / Southampton, PA )

    going to the moves romantic diner Mary go to my place for sum fun make out maby

  • rayaem ( 20 / W / Livermore, CA )

    Anything adventurous but romantic. I love going to football and basketball games and I have always imagined going on one of those cheesy cliche dates that ended with a kiss. :)

  • DrBButton ( 48 / M / Newport Beach, CA )

    Tacos at Bear Flag and a stroll through Crystal Cove