First Date Ideas

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  • koltyn ( 20 / W / West Fargo, ND )

    Enjoying going to local venues to see artists work. Enjoy motown music and classic. As well as modern indie rock. I love sitting in coffee shops enjoying a great conversation.

  • ChicagoLady2015 ( 50 / W / Chicago, IL )

    A glass of wine or shot of tequila? Either makes for an interesting beginning. The location isn't important, as long as we're able to talk and find out if we connect.

  • vegangal ( 35 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    I am open to any fun ideas. I'm also fine with getting lunch somewhere to talk and get to know each other before going to see live music and relaxing.

  • Shabaya ( 29 / W / Bronx, NY )

    Going some where I can see light and just talk about whatever comes to mind.

  • bearsforlife ( 26 / W / Antioch, IL )

    I'm very into rock, like Metallica, pearl jam, godsmack, so seeing any live music like that will put me in the freeing mood that music creates for me. I love a man who has the same music interests.

  • sooten ( 32 / W / Wilmington, OH )

    Doing something fun and different than the standard dinner and a movie.

  • Jasmine2179 ( 44 / W / Calgary, AB )

    Vegas is such a great place. While likely not realistic, a first date having a nice dinner just off the strip in a quiet quaint restaurant and then going to Freemont and enjoying the sounds, the people and the music!

  • SaleemT ( 32 / M / Montclair, NJ )

    Dinner,live entertainment and conversation!

  • Angelic2030 ( 58 / W / Murrieta, CA )

    Live concerts, theaters, dinners and sports events (, football, baseball)

  • Tbell2006 ( 37 / W / South Africa )

    In a crowded place and something fun to do

  • ToneHrida ( 37 / M / Huntington, WV )

    A good movie and dinner! Maybe a play or a concert!! Sex isn't required on the first date to me

  • LaviniaM ( 27 / W / Bucharest, Bucuresti )

    At a concert with a full moon up above. :)

  • Maria321 ( 34 / W / Portland, OR )

    For a first date with a wealthy guy I would want to experience having a nice dinner getting to know the man having fun. Sharing dreams and laughs, learning about each other dreams and inspiration.

  • jessaka2489 ( 27 / W / Martinsville, IN )

    Dinner, art show.. movies.. taking a walk and talking..

  • leyvmari32 ( 21 / W / Denison, TX )

    my ideal date would be to go to a big city and just wander and get lost in antique shops and picnic outside...not a very planned date. Unplanned things make the best memories.