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  • skye_elizabeth ( 38W / Paris, Ile-de-France )


    depends on the other persons wishes - then together we would decide

  • Tatiana7078 ( 31W / Etobicoke, ON )


    Anything fun with a little romance :)

  • DefineRich ( 34M / Calgary, AB )


    What ever we decide...something low key and simple to start

  • Raineymac ( 50W / Virginia Beach, VA )


    First date? ...well, is this after we already checked each other out with a low key meet and greet, no pressure? ...and decided to have a date? If so, perhaps an outdoor live music event , sweet music, good not too big a  more>>

  • donpolo2 ( 36M / Hollywood, FL )


    A nice dinner and a little walk by the beach will helph

  • Cssmiling ( 46W / Hartsville, TN )


    After a few cyber flirting/get to know you communications, meet on either's home turf sooo if you care to make a road trip to my "turf", I will be more than happy to plan the meeting or vise versa.

  • Crissy25 ( 25W / Port-of-spain )


    I think that's something I will leave for the guy to decide am not fussy :)

  • Jessy876 ( 20W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    The first date should be casual preferably at nighttime somewhere where we can talk and get to know each others personality and see where it goes from then on.

  • lovelylalyca ( 27W / Auburn, NY )


    Walking around spending an afternoon getting to know you while looking at the beauty of nature, sounds perfect to me.

  • Fortunatissima ( 37W / Toscana, Toscana )


    First date is to be simple, we're here to find out if it is a chemistry, right? And if yes.. why not to slip into the second date?)) Carnaval in Venice, Nascar racing, 7 years in Tibet, Worldwide regata, movie and popcor  more>>

  • Stefani1976 ( 38W / Palm Beach Gardens, FL )


    I would like to do something that the other person really enjoys, nothing is more fun then watching someone genuinely smile over something they love to do, and you never know I might love it too :)

  • Sunnycoast ( 29W / Brisbane, Queensland )


    Have to be somewhere nice and romantic ;)

  • jrd233 ( 30W / Palo Alto, CA )


    A place were we can get to know one another Doing something we have both never done before (always fun sharing new experiences ) Thinking outside the box (creative dates are exciting) Sometimes less is more ;-)

  • whiskeyGalatea ( 41W / Toronto, ON )


    Some categories are limited as is this. I am so dynamic that the types of music alone in this site are limiting so it will automatically limit possibilities for date ideas. That said, I do like to be able to chat, discov  more>>

  • Amaryllis_Dym ( 19W / Castelfranco Veneto, Veneto )


    As i already said, I'm a writer. I am a quite original person and I don't really like "standard dates", so ... surprise me!