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  • WealthyWoman66 ( 48W / Waterford, MI )


    Usually, first dates are casual and include some form of delectable food, adult beverages and plenty of conversation…all really great things! However, I LOVE the idea of someone taking me out on a first date that is cr  more>>

  • Juanita04 ( 24W / Ligonier, IN )


    On a first date I think I would want to be surprised his choice in wat we should do

  • cr8vgenius ( 32W / Irvine, CA )


    Anything and Everything. I just want to get to know you and be friends first and foremost. Somewhere we can talk would be nice.

  • DanDaMan10 ( 31M / Irving, TX )


    Honestly, my perfect date is one that the woman actually surprises me with a place/time/activity....which has never happened on a first date for me. There's nothing more attractive than a woman taking a little charge/ini  more>>

  • Mara_hernandez ( 35W / Santa Clara, CA )


    Looking for some one to make me feel good about my self and never hurt to spoil a woman.

  • TwinkleToes_20 ( 35W / Winchester, England - Hampshire )


    love too be spontainious, something exciting or romantic! dinner on the beach? jetting off too LA Something different! :)

  • Vi12345 ( 28W / Boston, MA )


    Maybe flying an airplane, skydiving, free diving, followed by a nice seafood dinner with a chilled bottle of chardonnay and finished by a nice walk on the beach/park/street....

  • darkberry03 ( 54M / South Bend, IN )


    Romantic dinner, a walk in the park or at the beach,

  • Trisha767 ( 47W / Portsmouth, RI )


    I enjoy trying or learning new things. Something out of the ordinary can certainly make for a memorable date for both of us. What is it that you've always wanted to do, see or try and just haven't found anyone to do it w  more>>

  • Gigi_sweet ( 25W / London, England - London )


    Surprise me...if you can! Good luck with that... Yes it's a challenge :)

  • PytAzzie ( 19W / New York, NY )


    I'd love and appreciate any date that shows an effort, I'm not a picky girl as long as you're good company

  • TheRomanianChick ( 39W / Hammond, LA )


    I love dates that stray from the traditional "dinner and a movie", but as long as the company is good the date can be great anywhere. But still....I rather not do dinner and a movie. :) Oh....comedy shows make for awesom  more>>

  • LadyDi7 ( 55W / Duluth, GA )


    It's not about where the date is...it's who you're with! Surprise Me!

  • EnglishEve ( 28W / Rapperswil, Zurich )


    Surprise me :-) I've had such varied first dates, & great for different reasons. I would hate to put an idea in your head, after all you might come up with something much better than I had in mind!!

  • 1Sweet ( 38W / Angola, NY )


    Dinner, music, arts, drinks, road trip...surprise me!!