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Just can't be categorized

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  • TikoBaby ( 49W / Long Beach, CA )


    Just "K.I.S.S. Me. Aka, Keep It Simple, Silly :) Low key, casual, simple. Flash is an F-word. Show me why I should be in your company. Please have proper etiquette, be a gentleman, and look me in the eyes when speaking t  more>>

  • msdivak ( 25W / Dallas, TX )


    My first date idea?? Hmmm... I'm a pretty open person. I also like surprises. As long as we enjoy each others company.

  • loveQ24 ( 47W / El Dorado Hills, CA )


    a drink or nice romantic dinner in quiet place

  • Sparkleeyes123 ( 44W / Palm Coast, FL )


    For a first date, I could not generalize and place my desire into one category. I would definitely want to do something that would allow us to talk and see one another's personalities. It would need to be light and stres  more>>

  • fragileboy ( 50M / Bridgeport, CT )


    I have had one too many ideas I don't know which i prefer any longer so I think I'd go for a date where both individuals involved share something great out of the date

  • zannasiaron ( 22W / Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon )


    I love adventure! Anything new and exciting, that will reveal the inner you. Although a good talk is also a great first date

  • kamytime ( 54W / Summit, NJ )


    I'm happy to meet for coffee or a drink. Getting to know one another in a casual setting is best. I would also consider some kind of sporting activity as a first date...watching or participating.

  • wrestleboy ( 44M / Meridian, ID )


    What we do for a first date isn't as important to me as the quality of the content or the person I'm getting to know. I can appreciate an exquisite meal and a fine wine anytime.....spending time with someone special is a  more>>

  • MissThing2003 ( 28W / Edison, NJ )


    Anything!!! I am typically up or down for whatever. I like to be surprised pleasantly and do not like to be asked where I want to go. I want someone to put thought into a date designed for us together. Take control and t  more>>

  • 2ndStar ( 52W / Charlotte, NC )


    After a a few great phone conversations, I am open to meeting in public, perhaps for coffee or a quick lunch and then if we click, let the adventure begin! Somewhere with beauty and atmosphere which is conducive to conne  more>>

  • angel4you23 ( 34W / Corona, NY )


    At a private beach over some cocktails or wine ,where we can get to know one another

  • missavg ( 20W / Seattle, WA )


    I like many different things so I guess my idea of a first date is doing something the person and I have in common.

  • Nat_Paris ( 26W / Paris, Ile-de-France )


    I like the idea to expect the unexpected.

  • super_vixen13 ( 39W / Christchurch, Canterbury )


    Surprise me!!! (no Mcdonalds) in the past it has sometimes been fast food so if you can impress me with something original then go nuts :)

  • JBombBaby ( 41W / Utica, MI )


    I like to have a little bit of quiet time to get to know one another. That can be in fleeting moments while being swept up in an exciting adventure. It could be in moments between songs or while on a boat or in a car whi  more>>