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  • LACanuck ( 52M / Oakville, ON )


    For me, the ideal location for a first date is someplace quiet where conversation can take place. Could be dinner, drinks, or coffee. Usually I leave that up to my companion. And her choice seems to depend on how much ti  more>>

  • kelly14 ( 39W / Newmarket, ON )


    Dinner or Drinks … an atmosphere where we could really talk and get to know each other

  • Madison2068 ( 39W / Reno, NV )


    I think somewhere casual, more like a meet and greet than a first date. Wear jeans and meet for a beer at the bar. As low stress as possible. No expectations. If the conversation flows, go from there, play it by ear. If  more>>

  • Scase28 ( 46W / Columbia, SC )


    Social setting where we can both see if there is a spark...

  • timeout2004 ( 56M / Oklahoma City, OK )


    Meeting for lunch or drinks to see if chemistry is there. We need that spark to light the flame.

  • Sunny92 ( 50W / Dallas, TX )


    I like to meet at a nice restaurant for a glass of wine the first time. That way there isn't a lot of pressure to finish a meal if there's no chemistry. But if there is chemistry, the date can be expanded to the entire a  more>>

  • Cookie2093 ( 45W / Oakville, ON )


    A good first date would be introducing me to a wine selection I have yet to enjoy!

  • nocheinmal7 ( 48M / Hudson, OH )


    Skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing.

  • Danelle1 ( 20W / Havertown, PA )


    I think a first date should be in a public place surrounded with people and just casual.

  • esygoingirishgal ( 49W / Reading, PA )


    A local establishment located between the two of us where we can meet for a drink or two to see if there is chemistry and decide whether there will be a second date!

  • btaliz ( 34W / Bronx, NY )


    Go out to nice day sunny go restaurant or just go to movies

  • pxtmia ( 32W / Miami Beach, FL )


    Let's keep it simple...if things go good I'm sure we'll do something to keep our date for a little longer.

  • Barbdesign ( 64W / Portland, OR )


    Let's quickly test the chemistry with a coffee or drink and take it from there…

  • Blondeladyee ( 55W / Lubbock, TX )


    A glass of wine with time to get to know someone & if the spark is there...then dinner.

  • nmb_79 ( 34W / Lakewood, OH )


    Can't go wrong with dinner and drinks!