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  • annalovie ( 21W / Vancouver, BC )


    Whether it be fancy wine, a smoothie bar, or coffee, I am a lover of all beverages. However, I would love to go somewhere that will show me the kind of person you are.

  • Do_Right_Man ( 39M / San Diego, CA )


    Anyplace casual, quiet and relaxing. Someplace where we can hear each other talk and get to know each other in a comfortable environment that won't feel like an interview or interrogation ;). For example, I would not sit  more>>

  • jtexxan ( 49M / Deerfield, IL )


    I believe the first few dates should include places where we could actually converse freely.

  • ChristaRiyam ( 43W / Mississauga, ON )


    In a perfect and classic Restaurant. At the beach.

  • WAAW427 ( 48W / Englishtown, NJ )


    A nice drink, coffee or a juice bar.

  • sthrnmiss ( 31W / New York, NY )


    Dinner and drinks in a public, well-lit place to get to know more about each other.

  • kfrocker ( 36W / Spokane, WA )


    Fun conversation over a few drinks!

  • AllieHamilton ( 57W / Alexandria, VA )


    Drinks at the beach....if not the beach, somewhere casual with music and a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Kirochka ( 58W / Bedford, NS )


    I'd like to have a relaxed conversation over a glass of wine at a quiet corner table in a wine bar, pub or restaurant.

  • Cskyefl07 ( 38W / Clearwater, FL )


    Somewhere by the water, relaxing & casual

  • CaliBamBam ( 48M / Encinitas, CA )


    Can we talk? Let's talk.We'll get together. We're adults, we will know if we wish to make further plans.

  • johnny8191 ( 55M / Collison, IL )


    Somewhere cozy for a chat. Deep chat about us

  • lightslove ( 57W / Dover, MA )


    A short walk or hike: city, country, ocean, or lake. And/or a drink in that perfect little bar... as long as it is quiet and intimate enough to learn a bit about each other and enjoy the experience.

  • NCGirl63 ( 50W / Randleman, NC )


    For a first date - I prefer to keep it short and light. No need to plan a big dinner and one of us be uncomfortable because we don't feel a chemistry with the other person. Let's grab a drink and appetizers or meet somew  more>>

  • jbarrett ( 42M / Fresno, CA )


    Drinks at a place with an amazing view. If we click, let's have dinner and share a special dessert. And I always walk a girl to her car and maybe even give her a kiss. I'm not a player, but I'm not shy either.