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Culinary Adventures

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  • AmericanHero ( 69M / Boynton Beach, FL )


    The first date must always be something different, out-of-the-ordinary where some creative thought has been given to "setting the stage" to maximize the very best first impression. It will always be different and customi  more>>

  • hisunlover ( 47W / Honolulu, HI )


    The perfect first date would be somewhere we would both be comfortable…of course, food and drink help.

  • LuluSails ( 70W / Fort Worth, TX )


    An afternoon sail , art galleries , a museum or a festival would be a fun day . Dinner in a small quaint neighborhood bistro which is quiet enough to converse .....maybe some music .

  • Carlyyy11 ( 21W / Lexington, KY )


    I don't make plans with a hypothetical man.. everyone is different. Let's find something that work for us :)

  • Niicole93 ( 21W / Reading, England - Berkshire )


    Somewhere nice ... Drinks, picnic, dinner by the sea? You tell me ...

  • Shelley1 ( 56W / Houston, TX )


    Candlelight dinner and open conversation.

  • sam19692001 ( 44M / London, England - London )


    shall we diner in Istanbuland . After can walk to gold bazar.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Bentley626 ( 36M / Australia )


    Look I havnt really thought about this but I'm sick to death about taking someone to dinner it's nice but when we are old I want you to remember our first date so I'd say hey let's go skydiving 4x4ing rock crawling surfi  more>>

  • Chickala ( 41W / Boston, MA )


    If there's one way to really indulge the senses in all aspects it's at El Cabito along the Northeast peninsula of the Dominican Republic. I'm a fan of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and on his last show he hit the DR  more>>

  • Lilyblue2000 ( 28W / London, England - London )


    Let's cook a meal together. If we can laugh through spills, heat and over-seasoning then we can pretty much take on anything as a team. If we have so much fun that we end up burning the meal, that's not bad either.

  • Dateavet24 ( 25M / West Hartford, CT )


    Honestly this is going to sound crazy, but you can learn soo much about a person by going grocery shopping. Lol

  • Designsweetie ( 34W / Cleveland, OH )


    I can't find an answer that doesn't sound super cheesy...So here's some delicious cheese for ya. Im looking for someone to cruise the westside market with and make fun of the pigs heads and drink coffee up in the balcony  more>>

  • Gletco ( 54M / Chicago, IL )


    Nice quiet luch or dinner where we could get to know each other further without interruptions

  • kwekuP ( 36M / Ghana )


    Fun funny fun more fun and more importantly fun

  • SOFIATINA ( 53W / New York, NY )


    I think it could be in a quiet restaurant where we could talk and find out more about each other to see if we are compatible and if we have the same likes and would be comfortable around each other.