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  • livefreeordie14 ( 52 / W / Nashua, NH )

    A meal.....a place I have never been.....which, to be honest, would be quite easy! I enjoy trying new things, new foods and new experiences! As long as my date is a gentleman, engaging, fun and a touch of romance in ever  more>>

  • MylaRuby ( 28 / W / Dallas, TX )

    I think two dates in one would be great. Your choice and mine. I'm incredibly easy-going and make the most of every situation so I'm pretty much O.K. with everything except outdoorsy/extreme sports (skydiving, rock climb  more>>

  • juleshasit ( 46 / W / Katy, TX )

    Mutual decision where both agree it would be comfortable setting-I love to cook, hint hint I also like to be spoiled with a nice dinner and glass of wine or lets go do it up at a sports bar where we can watch games and s  more>>

  • Glastca ( 60 / W / Pompano Beach, FL )

    A quite restaurant where we can talk, have a nice glass of wine and get to know one another.

  • Redsmartie ( 52 / W / Naples, FL )

    I like romance, fun, easy going relaxed dates and sports (hockey) so I have a few scenarios! We'd go to a nice restaurant. Some place lively and popular, a foodie place with a great wine list. We sit close to each other  more>>

  • DoctorKim ( 46 / W / Houston, TX )

    I am a foodie and love dining at Michelin rated restaurants but also enjoy the hole in the wall where the locals hang out.

  • Justine2021 ( 29 / W / Winston Salem, NC )

    If it includes good food, good conversation.. Can't go wrong (;

  • KateNP ( 49 / W / West Chester, PA )

    Private jet to Paris for dinner … yea, I'm pretty serious about this one … bring the black card

  • Engaginglife ( 35 / W / Mississauga, ON )

    Dinner or meeting outside somewhere nice. Love doing all sorts of activities and going to different events.

  • davidplace ( 41 / M / Oakville, CA )

    A great dinner, great wine and even better conversation.

  • LightOnMyFeet ( 54 / W / Laguna Niguel, CA )

    Love to watch the sunset over a glass of wine, sharing the days activities and "How was your Day?"

  • In2Life ( 48 / W / Katy, TX )

    Going out to a quite place for coffee, brunch or dinner. I love to take very long walks.

  • ocnluv ( 37 / W / Encinitas, CA )

    It would be fun to learn how to make an exotic meal together and then go somewhere to watch airplanes fly over our heads as they land. To wrap it up we will go watch the city lights from somewhere high in the sky.

  • Vero1987 ( 28 / W / Miami Beach, Moskva )

    Near with sea..sun..smile☀️ Wine..hand..speak..feeling💞

  • glutenfree ( 43 / M / Montreal, QC )

    Take an overnight flight to Spain. Upon arrival get a nice convertible Bentley and drive south of Malaga. Make our way to Gibraltar to watch the sunset and have a beautiful dinner under the stars at the top of the Rock  more>>