First Date Ideas

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  • southernvixin ( 45 / W / New Orleans, LA )

    A romantic restaurant, where we can talk feel each other out some chocolate & wine laughter & that's about it seeking to see if chemistry and a level of human connection can me made , after a few hours of self seeking ea...  read more>>

  • JillMunroBoston ( 45 / W / Hingham, MA )

    Prefer a cocktail over the coffee interview

  • Olafsfriend ( 47 / W / Austria )

    Something different. A culinary experience, which you would not do every day.

  • Gilda8451 ( 36 / W / Petersburg, VA )

    Some one that brings me flowers sit and talks for a while eat and then wants to go dancing Lives to just go riding and still wants a second date I am. 52And all children grow ups

  • Way213eautiful ( 27 / W / Halifax, NS )

    A nice night out in the city and lots of fun. I like for us to get to know each other over dinner and make it a night to remember.

  • betteblu ( 44 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    You tell me.... I'm all for spontaneity and a new adventure

  • Diversechick ( 54 / W / Talking Rock, GA )

    Been to the best cuisines but I live a goid home meal. Jaccuzi , camping , raking leaves, mowing with my zero turn , , ATV or horse Trail rides. I live in 50 acres and adore the country but will dress up for a cocktail p...  read more>>

  • Ashley0236 ( 27 / W / Humble, TX )

    Walk on beach,dinner,movies,drinks

  • Winter_1 ( 27 / W / Bellevue, WA )

    A date where we can conversate and interact with one another. Going out to a lunch or dinner, or someplace exciting that involves activity.

  • jnttx05 ( 55 / W / McKinney, TX )

    I feel this question means that we have already met for the first time and have decided to move on to dating. The first date would be anywhere that we could talk. Need a quiet restaurant because food is a must. I like to...  read more>>

  • RoninSensei ( 53 / M / Santa Rosa, CA )

    Local Wine Bar or go on Vacation!

  • samstallings098 ( 54 / W / Montgomery, AL )

    Anything would be nice I can dress in a little black dress and go to a play or I can wear boots and go to a concert you pick

  • Maritxu_ib ( 33 / W / Spain )

    I would like to go for a nice meal. I like originality but I like the traditional date too.

  • Avriel ( 35 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    First dates, are about getting to know each other, so tea/coffee and a walk in the park would be perfect.

  • Supersure ( 37 / W / Pincher Creek, AB )

    I'm game for anything. Nothing that makes us pretend just one on one wherever whenever.