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  • LRlife50 ( 56 / W / Chicago, IL )

    How about having coffee at the nearest Starbucks next to a fireplace with light conversation to get to know each other.

  • Deerose02 ( 57 / W / Toms River, NJ )

    I would like to meet over having coffee, or a nice dinner. Or just a walk and talk. Nothing too much just enough time to get to know each other. where it goes from there. I'm not looking for money. Ju...  read more >>

  • GeorgiePie ( 34 / M / Auckland, Auckland )

    a chat over a coffee , or dinner , a walk together maybe on the beach, or kneeling side by side in a chapel or church

  • bjacobs1 ( 29 / M / Napa, CA )

    Something fun or spontaneous. Perhaps go karting or horse back riding. I would also be happy with anything that involves a glass of wine paired with some good cheese or chocolate 😘

  • Aiwiml ( 48 / W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    Something short and casual - nothing elaborate.

  • BeYourself2016 ( 50 / W / Sherman Oaks, CA )

    Someone I can connect to, have a good conversation, laugh, and of course have chemistry with. I don't believe in formal first dates, mainly something as simple as have coffee to get to know each other...  read more >>

  • Hankekeane ( 53 / M / Hollywood, FL )

    You pick it. And you're going to pick that place where you're comfortable, and I'm fine with that. Location obviously is this is not what we're getting out here, it's looking for chemistry in the righ...  read more >>

  • bernardinflorida ( 70 / M / Vero Beach, FL )


  • Lizzyo ( 55 / W / Fenwick, ON )

    Well how about meeting me somewhere quiet and public for a beverage and see if we have chemistry? If we do, then carry on to what ever next.

  • SunnyRDH ( 42 / W / Irvine, CA )

    Simple and easy start in a nice cafe and going for more if the mental /physical frequency matched!

  • fitntightdr ( 41 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    I like surprises, so I look forward to how I am greeted and by my KING

  • UneBelleRose ( 28 / W / Henderson, NV )

    I think for first time meetings, something easy without the weight of time commitment at a tea or coffee shop is ideal given if one person doesn't feel comfortable, they can easily ease out it of poli...  read more >>

  • EquestrianLady16 ( 59 / W / North Salem, NY )

    Visiting the Met, touring the Impressionist Gallery, getting to know each other,, lots of smiles to explore the chemistry between us,, for a start:)

  • validdanny ( 58 / M / Oxford, OH )

    A nice places to talk and maybe grab a little something to eat not a whole meal, because she'll not want to eat in front of you until she has gotten more comfortable with you. Some where you can reall...  read more >>

  • Manebo ( 62 / W / Miami, FL )

    Casual cup of coffee so we can meet each other and have a good conversation.