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  • oldschool1964 ( 50W / Longmeadow, MA )


    A day date is wonderful-it's fresh and more sincere, I believe. To slowly get to know one another-questions, curiosity, laughing and more laughing over a delectable brunch. A nice brunch--ok if we are being completely ho  more>>

  • Rocker77777 ( 62M / Chula Vista, CA )


    Coffee, soft drink, long walk!

  • seletpoivre ( 48W / Brisbane, Queensland )


    picnic with champagne, chocolate coated strawberries and a blanket.

  • ANNBSH ( 54W / Barcelona, Cataluna )


    Any place where we will feel relaxed and at ease. If in the city, I would like to meet up during the day for a coffee or a drink, and go for a stroll, or if away, be it the countryside or the beach, we could go for a pic  more>>

  • OoCAToO ( 25W / Västerås, Vastmanlands Lan )


    Dinner and good conversation.....

  • exoticv ( 36W / Los Angeles, CA )


    checking out an art exhibit at a museum

  • rody13 ( 49W / Кишинев, Chisinau )


    I wish everyone to be happy!!!

  • Cataleya2012 ( 38W / Memphis, TN )


    I would love my first date to be at a lake or beach.

  • chillJeweler ( 46M / Venice, CA )


    I am a bit old school. I prefer brunch or a nice dinner followed by a walk on the beach or a nice drive as a first date

  • wynona44 ( 37W / Green Bay, WI )


    Casual dinner or coffee to get acquainted

  • danglakieo ( 43W / Boynton Beach, FL )


    I like to go have coffee on the beach .

  • BasqconFranz ( 60W / Chula Vista, CA )


    Get to know one another in a comfortable setting. Then go sightseeing and get to know each other more while enjoying the beautiful sights and scenarios.

  • Brouhaha ( 30M / West Haven, CT )


    I will prefer something physical such as horse riding or sky diving, followed by a nice dinner at the observation deck of the empire state building.

  • Jorja_Lil ( 55W / Karabar, Queanbeyan, New South Wales )


    Ceasar salad, a cheeky light red wine, a quiet place to talk. I have lived in most states in Australia and have a favourite place in every city

  • Athlete93 ( 22M / Ponoka, AB )


    Id like to go for a meal some where and maybe see a sports game.