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Walking or Hiking

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  • devontta ( 20M / Nashville, TN )


    walking around downtown Nashville

  • Ltothem ( 48W / Moorhead, MN )


    A cozy spot @ a coffee shop.....a late night happy hour @ mezzaluna for an app & a drink.....BWW's in the afternoon....so many possibilities when the weatheris nicer!!

  • 8trouble1 ( 33W / Calgary, AB )


    Go karts and ice cream lolwe can figure this out, it depends on the person really....

  • ClassyLady49 ( 51W / Kingston, PA )


    Of course after communicating lots, a first date idea would be a walk in the park.

  • Mrspuertorico85 ( 36W / Green Bay, WI )


    My first date I would like to go out to eat, then to a movie, talk and laugh together

  • blondeguy41 ( 43M / Milwaukee, WI )


    Going for a long walk with my significant other.

  • Justme1144553322 ( 36M / Wichita Falls, TX )


    Go to a nice resturant and have dinner or the movies then go for a walk in the park and feed the ducks then a kiss at the end

  • sweetteri2000 ( 46W / Minneapolis, MN )


    nice walk around a lake, maybe a coffee shop before or after

  • Lonelylilmouse ( 25W / San Jacinto, CA )


    Dinner,movie, a nice long walk together

  • missdmarie ( 45W / Waupun, WI )


    I'll bring coffee just the way you like it, then we're off on a barefoot downtown adventure. (You don't have to be barefoot, but I will be :) )

  • Divalara ( 28W / Boise, ID )


    My first date would be walking on the beach talking about our dislikes and likes but since their no beaches in Idaho I say go walk on the green belt or going to get coffee and just talking makes an evening so amazing it  more>>

  • Ariamonose_love ( 30W / Mc Sherrystown, PA )


    Somewhere we can talk and enjoy learning about each other.

  • lady_pi ( 25W / Sweden )


    I would like to have a simple date. So you can talk and get to know each other. Walking, drinking coffee or something like that. The person is important not the cost or activity.

  • valenta2000 ( 61W / Meridian, MS )


    Take a blanket to the park and some fruit and sit down and talk after walking. Enjoy luch and talk and walk some more. Then we can go fishing.

  • 2good4u2 ( 56W / London, England - London )


    A walk in a park and chat about our interests and see if any chemistry between us