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  • miumiu0304 ( 25 / W / Santa Clara, CA )

    Dinner, coffee, bar, or great america. :)

  • wonderland94 ( 21 / W / Miami, FL )

    Let's have dinner at the beach. Nature is beautiful, let's not over complicate things. We can talk about any and everything. Life, feelings, dreams, philosophical views. We can laugh all night, I can try to make you blus  more>>

  • HelloKitten ( 51 / W / Overland Park, KS )

    A cafe with an outdoor courtyard, antique show, park, listening to music, going for coffee or a drink.

  • Scorpion_ ( 22 / W / Cheltenham, PA )

    My idea of a first date would involve some type of food haha. I am small but I do like to eat everything from Indian to sushi to steak. Its hard to say what my idea of a first date would be because I haven't been on many  more>>

  • Chica14 ( 29 / W / Westfield, MA )

    Drive to a different city,,one where I've never been...where they serve the best steak and wine,, then after (if there's room) grab something sweet to eat,, take it to a quiet place where we indulge in conversation and d  more>>

  • Blonde8675301 ( 36 / W / Oklahoma City, OK )

    Casual date where we can talk and get to know each other .

  • mixedeurochic ( 37 / W / Boynton Beach, FL )

    I prefer dates in the evening. There is always a certain something about getting dressed for a night out in special attire, and making an effort to impress your date. I also think my mood to engage and be seduced is far  more>>

  • GiveAchance4u2c ( 31 / M / Trenton, MI )

    First dates can be somewhat awkward. I would start with a couple drinks and calm the nerves. Then start asking "feeler questions" about her passions and hobbies then in stealth mode find something on my phone that might  more>>

  • sweet_p_ ( 40 / W / Minneapolis, MN )

    quiet dinner and then see what happens

  • lovelyJessi ( 36 / W / Croydon, England - London )

    My idea of a great first date would be to visit a beach, park or someplace oitdoors with a nice view ideally in the late night when most everyone else has departed from such a place. I like the solitude. In this setting  more>>

  • Startraveler ( 21 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    Grab an iPad filled with good music, a backpack that contains a blanket and some some goodies. Have a picnic in D.U.M.B.O! Can be during the day or at night. We can look up at the stars and get lost in conversation. :)

  • MissHan ( 25 / W / Australia )

    I love a man who is spontaneous and who loves to keep the night young and full of surprises to keep me guessing.

  • CarameliaCeleste ( 27 / W / London, England - London )

    Honestly I don't really like the idea of writing about a first date, it leaves a lot of expectation in the air if I meet someone! So instead, I'm going to write about my 2 ideal dates! One is a "fantasy date" though, so  more>>

  • Psycho2006 ( 19 / M / Glenview, IL )

    In a cold dark bath tub. Together and alone. Just us.

  • Unostentatious ( 38 / W / Mesa, AZ )

    Anything outdoors! I love nature.