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  • kayladawn01 ( 26W / Missoula, MT )


    Something original, somewhere memorable. A date i don't want to forget. Romantic and maybe a little spontaneous.

  • Nzuri01 ( 41W / Seattle, WA )


    My ideal first date would involve relaxing with a glass of wine and nibbely bits, and lots of laughter as we discuss how terrified we were that the other person was gonna show up looking like who did it and why.(Internet  more>>

  • NinjaChick83 ( 32W / Eaton Park, FL )


    First date huh? Well let's just leave that to u

  • artamis ( 36W / Lake Worth, FL )


    I'd like a very nice setting for the two of us can hear each other have nice music and not to intimate. Just easy going and Good food....

  • TropicallyInclin ( 57W / Riverview, FL )


    Starting off...casual site convenient for both where conversation and laughter can flow easily

  • Kella27 ( 29W / Johnston, SC )


    Go out and have a nice dinner for two, have a couple of drinks on the balcony over looking the beach watching the sunset, then go dancing for about two hours, and return home for the enjoyment of each others company for  more>>

  • shojoneko ( 30W / Columbus, OH )


    A relaxed day to get to know each other to see if we are compatible.

  • jodi72 ( 43W / Cedar Rapids, IA )


    My favorite place is Ced Rel. Runner up is Irish Democrat

  • travieso2587 ( 27M / Midland, TX )


    Dinner or cafe (Starbucks -.^) and a walk by the beach or park to get to know each other better ^.^

  • Melissa44145 ( 30W / Westlake, OH )


    I am open to all ideas of a first date... Anywhere from a dinner, movie , comedy club, concert, or sporting event. They all sound great to me.

  • Starlite333 ( 32W / New York, NY )


    A roof top for a drink or dinner . A walk by the ocean ..lay down on a beach observing the stars anywhere , really , as long as you are by my side and i can look into your eyes and see your soul smiles :)

  • tutureal69 ( 45W / Mechanicsville, MD )


    Wide open! Who cares where it is???

  • Steenbra ( 36M / Tucson, AZ )


    A restaurant new to the both of us. After dinner a walk and talk and who knows maybe go dancing... If all goes well, I'll take you for a picnic...

  • Carrieanne2001 ( 19W / Foxboro, MA )


    It doesn't matter to me really, we could be dinning at a fine restaurant or sitting at home watching a movie. It's about the person not the place.

  • lisarc ( 37W / Houston, TX )


    I would like to go to movies. Or we could go out to eat. I am not against going dancing either.