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Random Daytime Activities

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  • Rainrock ( 24W / Long Beach, CA )


    Ubnskxnnfbfbdnndnennsndnndnx Bbbebesmenkflashkkxk°cmkcmckmdkkxmdmd Dbndnnncmkdkckkdmcmsmehehflashf Surprise.:)

  • MissSpice92 ( 23W / Ellensburg, WA )


    The zoo is probably one of my favorite places. I'm easy going and down for any kind of adventure. I don't entirely agree with a dinner or drinks as a first date. I want to be able to engage in activity related conversati  more>>

  • AmyNicole23 ( 37W / London, England - London )


    Something fun and different. Something with no awkward silences can't do awkward silences

  • sophisticated24 ( 25W / Houston, TX )


    I like surprises to a certain extent. The ultimate surprise date if I had to choose would be taking a dance class. I feel it's when I am in my most vulnerable state.

  • Vinnycentt ( 25W / Wallingford, CT )


    I love doing fun things like mini golf, go karting, competitive activities can be a fun way of getting to know someone, I would also enjoy grabbing dinner or drinks and getting to know each other.

  • Reynasr ( 28W / Pensacola, FL )


    I think the first date is about getting to know each other to see if there is chemistry.

  • stepn2sky ( 38W / New Paltz, NY )


    My ideal date would be driving around together on the back roads of the Hudson Valley with the top down, stopping at the little wineries and sharing a bottle while watching the skydivers in Gardiner. Or dare we jump? I l  more>>

  • Arrie24 ( 37W / Cleveland, OH )


    Be romantic, with some fun, be creative be yourself. Let lose

  • Kinipela96815HI ( 45W / Calgary, AB )


    Adventure... if one is willing to put an effort into this..... place is not an issue. What is important is the company you are with. Whether it is a walk in the park... having coffee....... it is about learning about eac  more>>

  • Ash2o3181 ( 24W / Bronx, NY )


    An amusement park setting is perfect because it allows for fun and lighthearted conversation and any awkward pauses can be ignored by going on a ride or playing a game.

  • Lilkirsty92 ( 22W / Tadworth, England - Surrey )


    Some where that we can talk and get to know each other, not some where that is loud like a club as we wont be able to speak properly.

  • Holbeth ( 21W / Mexborough, England - South Yorkshire )


    My idea date would have to be a spontaneous, I think the guy should surprise the lady!

  • squirly ( 64W / Pensacola, FL )


    go have a cup of coffee or go play a game of pool and get to know a little about each other

  • AdventureLust ( 38M / New York, NY )


    I love Randomness so the sky is the limit

  • KelsiKae ( 21W / Boonville, IN )


    Something simple. Movies are not a good choice for a first date.