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Random Daytime Activities

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  • Ana_Mada ( 30W / London, England - London )


    Walking... I think a nice walk is agood place to get to know each other.

  • Blueberrymuffins ( 27W / Loughton, England - Essex )


    I can say what my first date nightmares are: 1) Fancy restaurant “wining & dining” – schmoozing is laughable 2) Bar or nightclub -yelling in each other’s ear. so lets do something different!=)

  • Jenomo ( 36W / Duluth, GA )


    A day of site seeing and dinner.

  • rissababy87 ( 27W / Brooklyn, NY )


    you could take on a awsome date

  • lurvesimplicity ( 28W / Singapore )


    A nice lunch or dinner afterwhich a nice stroll by the beach..mayb doing something spontaneous like dancing under the sky or nightlights

  • dsouth ( 59W / Manhattan, IL )


    Would love to meet and go for a ride if we are compatible. I'll be in the city on June 19th

  • Whynotme8110 ( 53M / San Antonio, TX )


    I like to meet you somewhere you feel comfortable with. It doesn't matter what time of day it's up to you.

  • libraprnces ( 51W / West Jordan, UT )


    Would you like to meet in a place where we can chat over coffee or a drink.

  • mistermittens ( 21W / Laredo, TX )


    Um some movie mall ecta ecta wait moon watching or hunting for cavemen

  • Outdoradventure ( 38W / Draper, UT )


    Something fun but gives us time to talk and get to know each other. A hot air balloon ride? Horseback riding? Dog park? So many possibilities!

  • Babygurl34 ( 35W / Tulsa, OK )


    Meeting at a park and having a picnic

  • oyasita ( 29W / Bronx, NY )


    I haven't had a good first date ever....but I am simple and can adapt to anything....but I love to be wined and dined that's when my heart flutters....I would love to eat on the beach or watch the sunrise!

  • LilmisshattieB ( 21W / Burton-on-Trent, England - Staffordshire )


    A walk along the canal or river or a lake. A drink in a cafe or a club or a pub. Somewhere where we can talk and get to know each other. :)

  • MsKarma24 ( 28W / Mississauga, ON )


    Something very casual where we can find out if there is a physical or intellectual attraction.

  • gentlejoey ( 70W / Colorado Springs, CO )


    Enjoy a walk around the lake, relaxing conversation, inhaling nature's beauty, followed by a soft candle light dinner, sitting outside by the fireplace, sharing in a glass of wine. I enjoy most anything, open to all sugg  more>>