First Date Ideas

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  • seeksjoy7 ( 54 / W / Syosset, NY )

    Doing something athletic, like biking or golf (guess it's not all that athletic unless you're walking) or stand up paddleboarding.

  • Queenbass ( 28 / W / CHUO-KU, Tokyo )

    How about a barre or aerial class?

  • Mekissne ( 39 / W / Columbus, NE )

    Hehe im bored oh so bored

  • CM2nice ( 31 / M / Minneapolis, MN )

    Simple! Eat, drink, and perhaps take a walk for a nice conversation.

  • justkaraaa ( 26 / W / Houston, TX )

    I want to do something fun. Let's play bowl and have some bars, or go bowling, or putt putt golf. Something that gets us kind of out of our comfort zone and forces us to interact rather than make meaningless conversation...  read more >>

  • sashashines ( 30 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    A first date, I like to have fun but getting to know a person is what is most important, So a cocktail over a bowling game is right up my alley!

  • loyalfriend414 ( 22 / W / Rincon, GA )

    a Stroll On The Beach Go See A Movie Hang Out Play Board Games

  • CallawayGolfer ( 38 / W / Clearwater, FL )

    A round of golf or lunch at the beach.

  • Sandbarnikegal ( 43 / W / Wantagh, NY )

    Flex as long as we can have discussion at normal decibel level. It's not an interview .. Just be ourselves. Go home with a smirk on face...wanting to meet again.

  • Kans2001 ( 22 / W / Wichita, KS )

    First dates should be fun and not leave you feeling awkward and confused. Something I think would be the perfect first date is something to do without doors. Rather that be us having a Picnic outside or just going for a...  read more >>

  • Jonesy4553 ( 63 / W / Tampa, FL )

    One learns much about a person while playing golf.

  • PrinceOfFresh ( 27 / M / Lakewood, OH )

    Something fun for sure! Go Kart racing, a picnic or paintball. I'm active & adventurous so anything fun would be an extension of my true self. However the second date will be more romantic

  • MakeHerWet ( 23 / M / Chicago, IL )

    To Just Chill And Play A Little Bit Of Basketball

  • Balss55 ( 28 / M / Australia )

    Having coffee or going out for a game of tennis. If sex happens that's great indoors only.

  • Kinga80 ( 37 / W / Cluj-napoca, Cluj )

    Going out to have dinner, or to watch a movie or... play tenis or... anywhere, i don' t care as long as i am with the person i am interested in