First Date Ideas

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  • Juliannac ( 23 / W / Rohnert Park, CA )

    I'm up for anything. If you leave it up to me we would probably be outside somewhere or going to see a musical. Two things I love nature and the arts!

  • jannyv2 ( 38 / W / Denison, TX )

    Romance and passion are important as well.

  • Flossie2000 ( 33 / W / New York, NY )

    A show and then afterwards, go somewhere where we can talk and get to know each other better. A nice quiet bar or restaurant where we can sit comfortably whilst getting to know each other.

  • Schirete10 ( 67 / W / Redding, CA )

    Anything a bit different. A live theater show, a movie, a walk, a bicycle ride. Just not food.

  • jensop ( 46 / W / Jersey City, NJ )

    I like to just go with the moment.. I believe it is much more fun when things are spontaneous.

  • cecille2011 ( 40 / W / Emeryville, CA )

    Having some dinner and then a walk on the Golden Gate would be GREAT! Im new in this city and would really love to get to know ot.

  • mstropicalTT46 ( 47 / W / Mount Laurel, NJ )

    meet in a public establishment introduce our selves and then do whatever we decided such as going to movies, dinner, museum live music etc. nothing planned just be spontaneous

  • ruralpearl ( 69 / W / Pleasant Hill, TN )

    Dinner and good seats to an opera or live theater!

  • mybellexo ( 23 / W / New York, NY )

    A Broadway show, romantic dinner, cruise on the Hudson, lounge, museum, botanical gardens, wine tasting, comedy show, all in all something memorable.

  • 1Sparrow ( 28 / W / Kalispell, MT )

    How about coffee :) and conversation. Or.. Surprise me!

  • Shanna24 ( 28 / W / North York, ON )

    Candelight Dinner Stroll across the beach and watch the stars at night. Anything that it outside of the norm of first dates.

  • Ada1297 ( 36 / W / Renton, WA )

    I enjoy intellect, charisma and depth very much, therefore place where we can converse in a quite comfortable atmosphere sounds ideal! :-) However, I am flexible and easily persuaded when comes to exploring new places. I...  read more >>

  • HappyAnn ( 44 / W / Austin, TX )

    I enjoy events such as the theater. I would enjoy having a driver pick me up and take me to a fabulous dinner first. Afterwards, we part ways--hopefully with plans to meet again. I do not want to associate with drug addi...  read more >>

  • maryilynm ( 51 / W / Liberty, NC )

    I would love to go to a live play or some nice R&B or even blue grass music outside

  • Rachaelbevy ( 34 / W / Singapore )

    A stroll through the botanical gardens or along the beach