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  • Towanda2001 ( 25W / Reidsville, NC )


    A wonderful conversation during a dinner with vegetables and seafood, followed by a museum outing or walk on the beach!

  • Dominic28 ( 34W / Oklahoma City, OK )


    Talking, listening, learning, observing. Something unique. I do enjoy wine.

  • Jeannine1 ( 45W / Chino, CA )


    Coffee,dinner,drinks! I love art! The old guys not the new ones. I love a man who can play the piano for me!

  • kittyxkat ( 21W / Fayetteville, AR )


    I would love to go to an art gallery and be blown away by his knowledge of art. And then maybe for a discreet dinner. Nothing to fancy but not too casual either

  • jillyireland ( 33W / Toronto, ON )


    Surprise me. ;) I love to explore the history and art of a new country so if you could introduce me to something you would be off to a very good start.

  • soyesmio30 ( 44W / Hollywood, FL )


    Just really want to enjoy the evening ie.. good food, good music and most important good company

  • JustJill2U ( 51W / Wyandanch, NY )


    Car pick-up with one Rose.glass of spritzer during the ride to meet this wonderful handsome date. Dinner with nice soft classical music

  • Martin2711 ( 54M / Spring, TX )


    After several chats on the phone to develop a comfort level, I would like to meet at a small quaint restaurant. Perhaps French cuisine, with good wine. We would sit and chat for a long time, with no pressure or obligatio  more>>

  • primadonna28 ( 47W / Torrance, CA )


    A cafe within a museum..... so much to see, to engage, and it offers plenty of topics to converse.

  • larisa1957 ( 57W / Brooklyn, NY )


    We can walk on a beach or park, then have some coffee and get warm.

  • Truelove013 ( 32W / Erie, PA )


    I don't have strict ideas of a first date. It completely depends on who it is and what we would decide on, but definitely in a public place at first....I am a women and need to consider my safety.

  • Latinlittlelover ( 28W / Dallas, TX )


    I would like to have a date where we can talk and get to know each other. I am up for new and different places. I also like to be surprise

  • 1468art ( 47W / New York, NY )


    Midday.. Lunch at bottino where we can talk and get to know each other.. And if we like each other a stroll through the galleries afterwards

  • chocolatekisse ( 32W / Ballwin, MO )


    Go to a live show or movie and have a nice dinner.

  • Talentedbeauty ( 29W / Cincinnati, OH )


    I would absolutely love a romantic dinner then a walk on a beach with a lovely sunset. Sounds so cliche, so I will add a twist! Preferably on a beach I have never been to...