First Date Ideas

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  • melinds ( 48 / W / Fresno, CA )

    Honestly to have a good companion that knows how to conversate well is really all that I would want the rest is up for whatever fits our time together thus far

  • Realblast ( 37 / M / Italy )

    Sometimes the precious thing we thought we have doesn't last long. Only the sweetness of it keep us going......

  • BronzedBlonde ( 43 / W / Newport Beach, CA )

    Moonlight dinner on the beach with nice red wine....(watching the sunset)...or a brunch on the beach...or BREAKFAST on the beach watching the Sunrise. Live music Jazz or caribbean bands are preferred. I would love to cud...  read more >>

  • The1andonlyJadaR ( 35 / W / Columbus, OH )

    Walk in the park,lunch, or a movie. Bowling or fishing,something outdoorsey. Its not really that important as long as there is somewhatof a connection.

  • Phatboy90 ( 37 / M / Anaheim, CA )

    Dinner and a movie Arcade or mini golf Beach dates are cool too

  • IamRoberts ( 45 / M / Mont-Royal, QC )

    Would love to watch a movie,then go for a concert,or even walk in the park or somewhere not too busy

  • Geronepat ( 29 / M / Little Rock, AR )

    My first date I was 16 and she was very beautiful I had the time of my life

  • JIMMIE1965 ( 52 / M / Saint Paul, MN )

    Meeting at a bar for some music and drinks. A comedy show is always a good first date.

  • Natalie1027 ( 41 / W / Brighton, IL )

    I am a simple person. I can enjoy just about anything as long as I enjoy the company I am with. I like to be surprised with the smallest of things. It's nice to be thought of without telling the person what to do.

  • Maya2015Marcella ( 48 / W / Israel )

    Nature, good music...nice view, good smell, tasty wine...

  • QuinciaRoberts ( 37 / W / Lakeland, FL )

    A long walk across the beach. Dining out. Theaters

  • afiassmile ( 27 / W / Jersey City, NJ )

    I would love going to a nice bar or to dinner and for a long walk after.

  • Barakissa ( 50 / W / Silver Spring, MD )

    I would like to meet my match at a location where we can both connect and communicate openly. We can start at a comfortable outdoor restaurant and based on the mood of the moment, we can improvise.

  • laksyte ( 37 / M / San Diego, CA )

    I just wish I had someone to share it with. Picnics, walking hand and hand, how nice. I like a woman who has passion in his heart and romance in his eyes. I look for a woman who has HUMOR, COMPASSION, HONESTY, INTERGITY...  read more >>

  • AngelKisses_79 ( 38 / W / West Des Moines, IA )

    Dinner and drinks, maybe a movie or maybe just meet for coffee.