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  • miri_colibri ( 37W / London, England - London )


    1th date should be funny and should make me/both smiling.

  • Nikki1410 ( 33W / Kelowna, BC )


    Let's see, a first date is about getting to know each other right. The night should consist of good food, great conversation, maybe some wine and a walk the beach or just a place where we are able to sit down beyond the  more>>

  • eastcoastgirl214 ( 34W / Sacramento, CA )


    Iam a lady.. I'll let the man make the plans ... For the first date..

  • InFiarfax ( 47W / Fairfax, VA )


    spontaneous idea ................................................................................................................ .what is yours?

  • sclaudia ( 34W / Miami, FL )


    A great date should be fun and outside of the normal for both parties. Zip lining in nature, spice it up with Salsa Dance Night, or romantic picnic for 2

  • sonyam45 ( 45W / Tampa, FL )


    I'm not the type of woman that has to have expensive dinners for me the first date could be just my mcDonald as long as were together and we got that understanding and we feel that bond that's fine with me.

  • SirWilliam2004 ( 32M / Joplin, MO )


    A venue, a menu, and two curious souls

  • TheoneinSea ( 53W / Seattle, WA )


    Dry Martinis with an ocean view.

  • smith12011 ( 33W / Great Neck, NY )


    going to a trendy restaurant for start then maybe jazz or a broadway show, then to a coffeehouse to talk.

  • home4dream ( 40W / Richmond Hill, ON )


    If it feels right, everything is fun!!

  • Amber_Madison ( 24W / Piscataway, NJ )


    A whole day adventure... From breakfast to museums to lunch to happy hour to dinner and a movie... I want to do anything and everything. Show me something new!

  • Kriya1979 ( 35W / Austin, TX )


    I like the man to take charge...be creative :)

  • StellaBellissima ( 32W / Boston, MA )


    If I answer this, I will not get a sense of your style, therefore, I'll leave that up to your creative abilities, surprise me :)

  • Bleueyed_beauty ( 19W / Madison, MS )


    To me it doesn't matter what venue I go to what makes an ideal date is the person I'm spending it with. Depending on how you make it can make any date fun, just don't bore me!

  • FRANCESCO2014 ( 57M / Fort Lauderdale, FL )