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  • khouri02 ( 30W / Augusta, GA )


    Any place where I can get a better chance to talk and communicate is fine. If you can cook, then show me your skills!! If you can't, that's fine too, but a nice place where we can have fun is fine with me.

  • AussieBoy26 ( 27M / Sydney, New South Wales )


    I believe a GREAT first date is a movie night at home with good food and cuddles. Its an easy way to be your self and be able to talk freely.

  • househubby2000 ( 31M / Texas City, TX )


    Hard to say, never really been on a first date.

  • Bella8888 ( 30W / Verdun, QC )


    out of this world type of date

  • ladylove2 ( 35W / Jersey City, NJ )


    there's a range of different things I like to do so it's not actually a full choice but I like a romantic dinner but it could be a range of different things

  • angel_eyes_1969 ( 45W / Crossett, AR )


    Our first date maybe a nice dinner , then a nice walk , dancing, or just sitting and talking somewhere and thengo from there.

  • Daisy1107 ( 28W / Brentwood, TN )


    Something we both will enjoy. Anything from dinner, dancing, or traveling.

  • debbie20002001 ( 41W / Paducah, KY )


    Some where we can talk and get to know each other better.

  • sempersimul1 ( 25W / Edmonton, AB )


    I want someone to surprise me with something fun and exciting.

  • heylolitahey ( 23W / McAllen, TX )


    Surprise me :) I'm i only to the the theatre when good actors come pit like Christian Bale, Sean Penn, Amy Adams, Jared Leto. I'm very particular about movies I watch. I'll explain later. I like coffee a lot and I'm not  more>>

  • asxoxo ( 19W / Pelham, AL )


    I like anything from dinner and a movie to baseball games to playing with animals.

  • YoungPleasure ( 23M / Katowice, Slaskie )


    Let's put some trust in our legs and find our favourite spot :)

  • Adams123 ( 43M / Hilliard, OH )


    It doesn't matter to me but once I can take you where you want to go and be happy , because if you smile that will put a smile on my face either and also I love to joke, lol

  • Clao112 ( 37W / Reseda, CA )


    The place is not very important but a good conversation is required ;)

  • TinaH67 ( 47W / Wilmette, IL )


    On the first date, the most important thing is whether or nor there's a connection. The venue is irrelevant with the right person.