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  • Bubblyfellow ( 39W / Cape Coral, FL )


    Coffee shop or restaurant. A quiet place where we could talk and get to know each other well.Lets make it simple and yet more comfortable with each other.

  • Tammie32 ( 32W / Truro, England - Cornwall )


    A first date for me wouldn't be a candlelit dinner it would be sharing chips sat on a wall or beach in Cornwall or a Picnic in the Countryside and lots of laughter!

  • Blondempiricist ( 26W / Shanghai, Shanghai )


    Somewhere quiet enough to get to know each other, and loud enough to be entertained.

  • Svetik25 ( 25W / Portland, OR )


    My firs date I would like to ha a romantic dinner at the beach :) Or restaurant !

  • EnchantressM ( 36W / Moscow, Moskva )


    A candle light dinner at an open air restaurant on lake, sea or river level.

  • Baby_Schus ( 38W / Brooklyn, NY )


    Surprise me! Best first date :). Just make sure to tell me what shoes to wear!

  • oysters ( 32W / Toronto, ON )


    That'd be probably be in a candle-lit place. Poor light, good music, a movie and time to loosen up.

  • ahardi ( 33W / Raleigh, NC )


    Dine, comedy club.scenic drive or walk bf nightcap

  • CorrinaSkye ( 22W / San Diego, CA )


    I am very traditional when it comes to dating, and I think its the man's job to handle planning what we do on the first few dates. ;) I'm open to anything.

  • Evavirgin ( 23W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Treat me like a princess or like your slave just pay me well babe đŸ˜˜

  • TayTayF ( 23W / Fort Worth, TX )


    Wait just one moment...No babe it is not easy to get into my pretty little Victoria secret's if you know what I mean. First dates for me is getting treated by you What a comfortable way to inquire a wonderful time gettin  more>>

  • Lovelighthouses ( 34W / Garden Grove, CA )


    Something different then standard, somewhere to actually talk and get to know one another, something creative yet FREE.. Dating shouldn't have to cost anything .. it should be about getting to know one another and seeing  more>>

  • mschrissmith30 ( 32W / Vancouver, WA )


    I'm happy to start out with something small. If we mutually agree we want to continue the day, lunch/dinner, wine tasting, a play, art gallery, cooking class, etc. I'm open minded to all when good company is involved.

  • ChristinaIsCute ( 23W / Minneapolis, MN )


    A nice upscale hotel with a huge tub w candles.. Fancy lingerie, and wine. You & Me

  • shesthatgirl ( 28W / Los Angeles, CA )


    My idea of a first date really is determined by the person I am on the date with, I would prefer the invite to his favorite eatery, outdoors activities and or local events