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  • vplace1 ( 38W / Jacksonville, FL )


    Skydiving Though I could be persuaded to accept a different first date activity.

  • belleberkeley ( 22W / Pierrefonds, QC )


    I'm really open to everything and I'm interested in experiencing something new so if we ever meet we can do whatever makes you happy

  • Onthemoonlight ( 47W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    Just a memorable time that will be in our book story forever.

  • HopeTaylorr ( 23W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Anything is fine! Fancy and elegant at a nice restaurant and spa, or just a cute cozy coffee shop in the middle of a library! I just want to get to know each other and have fun.

  • LADollface ( 41W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    I would love to do something that has the potential of being romantic - catch a sunset over drinks and dinner and share a wonderful conversation or take in an art gallery or museum exhibition, outdoor concert and picnic  more>>

  • Deanna21 ( 21W / Chicago, IL )


    Something simple, comfy and not expensive.

  • spills69 ( 44W / Staines, England - Middlesex )


    Its not about the venue, its about the company you're with that makes it a great time

  • MissyNicole ( 31W / Hermosa Beach, CA )


    Something different and fun, dinner dates get boring... but I do love a nice dinner incorporated into a date. Maybe a spa day and then dinner, wine tasting then dinner, dinner and a sporting event or concert, etc.

  • latinmotherof4 ( 35W / Houston, TX )


    Just be romantic on the date and try to enjoy every moment of the time.

  • Mizzkayelah ( 22W / Australia )


    A picnic? Dinner and a movie, skydiving (haha) dinner anything really but something with a bit of thought put into it would be amazing!

  • noselfish ( 47W / Toronto, ON )


    start with conversation and you can create a good idea too.

  • Asscdr ( 39W / Barcelona, Cataluna )


    Get to know each other better.. ; )!

  • SweetV21 ( 20W / Far Rockaway, NY )


    depending on if we have chemistry, i would prefer a date that involves food ( have a picnic at the park or on the beach, see a movie then dinner etc) I love funny people so maybe a date at a comedy club or we can have a  more>>

  • Beccag1232000 ( 18W / Manorville, NY )


    I really just want to see his fun side on a first date. I am a laid back person so I'm up for anything.

  • MlleStrauss ( 21W / Zagreb, Grad Zagreb )


    Anything but romantic. On the first date I have to see the "real him"- it has to be adventurous, fun and thrilling. :D