First Date Ideas

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  • Maranata ( 37 / W / Decatur, GA )

    City of Venice would be fascinating or Tuscan

  • LuvsOrgasms ( 47 / M / Lancaster, PA )

    There r so many different scenarios. Myself, I don't need much. We could go anywhere n do anything. All I need is U

  • KayyPM ( 22 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    I'm all for romance and conversation; getting to know each other. Also a good laugh. I love to smile.

  • keonradix ( 37 / M / Trinidad & Tobago )

    (Simple) Chill on a great beach on a sunny day and get to know you in the most humble way possible... #foreverlove

  • MillyVanilli7 ( 21 / W / Chatom, AL )

    Not too choosy. I like more private type atmospheres to get to know one another but what ever is fine. I will be able to tell if we could work a second date or nah, regardless of environment

  • Crystalsek ( 30 / W / Polokwane, Northern Province )

    Anywhere not crowded, fast life and loud

  • Krystalsek ( 30 / W / South Africa )

    Im open to anything as I dont want to limit my chances of being WOWed by all the creative guys out there! I enjoy peaceful, quiet, safe & romantic environments. I dont really enjoy fast life endangering activities, pleas...  read more>>

  • VBreedlove ( 39 / W / Decatur, GA )

    Painting, museum, jazz . Wow me

  • Lmlina ( 23 / W / Houston, TX )

    A creative and not so typical ideal date would be somewhere public but also private to get to get to know one another and we would get along great and share our mutual humor. We would connect well and go out for lunch...  read more>>

  • PrincessNikki20 ( 21 / W / Birmingham, AL )

    In the sand wine wind blowing warm bodies rubbing against each other taking pictures enjoying each other shopping getting to know each other focusing on us

  • Youngguy69 ( 21 / M / Fort Worth, TX )

    Maybe meet somewhere to have some fun

  • JeanetteT ( 38 / W / South Africa )

    I liked to be surprised to see what kind a person my match might be.

  • ArabesqueTump101 ( 24 / W / Bell Gardens, CA )

    This is the perfect first date, you pick me up in your super nice rich man car, we drive past the beach, right past it, then we go right past the restaurant you made reservations at, I tell you to drive to the RichMan Ho...  read more>>

  • mixedbreed81 ( 36 / M / Warren, MI )

    Just somewhere nice to get to know one another with lil distraction

  • Mike21293 ( 24 / M / Mulberry, TN )

    Something I could never experience in a million years somthing unforgettable