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Fancy Dining My favorite date ideas

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  • LaysiaC ( 24W / College Point, NY )


    5 star restaurants , outdoor dining , brunch , breakfast

  • oceanbreeze53 ( 54M / Durham, NC )


    Any wonderful Chinese restaurant.

  • beautyful2004 ( 35W / Athens, Attiki )


    seaside..candles and piano music

  • starSarajevo ( 35W / Chicago, IL )


    Downtown Chicago or maybe even have a relaxing evening at the sybaris. We can have a few drinks a nice meal at capital grill take get to know each other more and party until we can't anymore.

  • joshuamiller ( 42M / Cleveland, TN )


    Chilling at the beach holding hands and telling each other sweet things and planing for the future

  • Kristi1987 ( 28W / Metairie, LA )


    I thought the guy was suppose to plan this? So you better get on it lol

  • Lofiel ( 26W / New York, NY )


    Each city I go to I am always in search for rooftop bars or restaurant, if it is combined with live piano or jazz performance is even better.

  • Sexy2220 ( 47W / Grand Forks, ND )


    I would have a table and chairs lined up by the ocean, a beautiful setup with two fine glasses set up with a fine bottle of wine, with a candle lit dinner, and us dressed very nice with some soft beautiful romantic music  more>>

  • Ronxie ( 42W / St. Albans, England - Hertfordshire )


    I'd like to try something different, a fancy dinning and see whatever happens next. I'm very experimental and wouldn't mind trying something new and exciting.

  • Natasha309 ( 30W / Brooklyn, NY )


    My ideal date would be going to a nice restaurant . We could grab a bite to eat and get to know each other .

  • Sere2008 ( 26W / Calgary, AB )


    anywhere our heart takes us....

  • Lilalee ( 69W / Palm Beach Gardens, FL )


    Overlooking the water w a glass of wine, candlelight, a cool breeze, great conversation, holding hands, taking our time ordering because we r interested in what the other is saying first! Taking a stroll after dinner or  more>>

  • Babbs58 ( 57W / Greenville, TX )


    To go out dining at the golden coral then out for drinks at a nice bar dancing looking into his eyes telling him all about me as he do the same letting him know he has my attention that he can trust me and open up to me  more>>

  • mmason2520 ( 46W / Atlanta, GA )


    Dinner, laughter, open & honestly, respectful, great conversation, enjoyment of each other company, getting to one another,

  • jusme43 ( 44W / Memphis, TN )


    I would like to have a dinner somewhere where we may take the time out to get to know each other...