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  • ImagineThat83 ( 31W / Hedgesville, WV )


    Somewhere we could talk & get to know each other.

  • Suzyq317 ( 35W / Wichita, KS )


    Coffee or drinks, mixed with light conversation of interests & passions.

  • AliciaD2000 ( 26W / New York, NY )


    I think first dates should be pretty casual, so that we can see if there is a mutual connect.

  • 32texaslady ( 35W / Rowlett, TX )


    Meet up a no where in particular and share a cocktail to introduce ourselves to get acquainted.

  • sharz33 ( 33W / South Africa )


    Someone I can trust to meet in public, enjoy our first date with no strings attached.

  • Sunchzr1 ( 29W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    First drinks or coffee to get acquainted and establish connection on some level.

  • Jewel0823 ( 47W / Phoenix, MD )


    Depends on where you live in adjacent to me.........

  • 505funguy ( 23M / Santa Fe, NM )


    Maybe go out for some drinks and chat a bit, try to have a good time. Find some chemistry.

  • drjrs1954 ( 61M / Laguna Niguel, CA )


    Somewhere with a view of the ocean,romantic setting and great conversation.

  • mediamongrel ( 55M / Clearwater, FL )


    Meet up for a drink or two and take a stroll on the beach. Just have some fun. No expectations.

  • kallim ( 25W / London, England - London )


    I think a first date could be a nice place wiith drinks and chat so to know more about each other and if we match!

  • LostMermaid ( 33W / Dallas, TX )


    Sunset cocktails by the water on a hot summer night

  • grace20301 ( 35W / Lebanon Junction, KY )


    Well don't really have much to say just ask me anything you want to know and roll surelly let you know.

  • LillyG02 ( 38W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Beach Classy restaurant Park

  • Tanya_CO ( 44W / Lafayette, CO )


    First date does not have to be first time meeting. I think meet I g for a drink and to see if there is a confection will then allow someone to put in the effort to planning a special first date.