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Dinner My favorite date ideas

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  • Kathi27 ( 39 / W / Hopkinsville, KY )

    Dinner and something different, live music, theatre, sporting events, dancing, exploring the town, museums, culture

  • roughneck38 ( 38 / M / Bakersfield, CA )

    We would meet at the movies and not say a word untill that movie ended. Then we would proceed to take a walk by the the river to find out as much as we can in little time about one another.

  • Blake4920 ( 24 / M / Trinidad and Tobago )

    My first date ideas will be a nice drive to the beach with a bottle of Scotch or a bottle of wine and cook on the beach and watch the sunset

  • orlando48 ( 35 / M / Bessemer, AL )

    Dinner movie to park or even fishing

  • KamelaD ( 46 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    Meet and greet going out to eat then to a movie or somewhere where we could talk and get to know each see if there is any chemistry

  • Amilevai ( 38 / W / North Hollywood, CA )

    dinner so we can talk and get to know each other

  • Ravin8821 ( 55 / M / Singapore )

    Would like to enjoy local sea food dinner, handing hands walking down the beach. Having a good hug & kiss!!!

  • Zozo12 ( 31 / W / West Des Moines, IA )

    Great deep conversation over some great food and wine

  • Tluther ( 43 / W / Thornton, AR )

    Going out to a nice restaurant and getting to know one another. Or hanging out at his place or mine. We can hang out with friends. Just sent where that we can get to know one another.

  • Caracasvenezuela ( 48 / W / Palm Beach Gardens, FL )

    Would like going to dinner and have a nice conversation

  • reneekat ( 35 / W / Lloydminster, SK )

    The sky is the limit. Dinner conversation dance getting to know each other and if we are looking for the same thing.

  • Anastasia13301 ( 18 / W / Austria )

    In the centre for a walk and then in a restaurant for a simple romantic dinner

  • Camcdonald0209 ( 31 / W / Cincinnati, OH )

    A nice dinner for two and the rest we can go from there

  • PoohAZ ( 35 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    My first date i want to have dinner at home candlelight red wine then we go out in the town on a boat kiss look at the stars moon and go back home to have fun...

  • willmoo1969 ( 46 / M / Round Rock, TX )

    Dinner of your choice talking getting to know each other