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Culinary Adventures

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  • SENSITIVESF ( 56W / Helsinki, Etela-Suomen Laani )


    I would love to have a dinner with you in a nice and quiet place.

  • jmcain20 ( 44W / New Richmond, WI )


    I think a good first date would be going to a casual restaurant where you can sit outside and get to know each other and have a few cocktails and laughs.. Otherwise I'm pretty flexible..

  • Kelle101 ( 46W / New York, NY )


    Discovering a fabulous new café, restaurant, wine lounge, coffee house or just rediscovering lovely ones you have already captured. Experiencing & sharing it with a new special someone is always a fav for me!. ""Food  more>>

  • luvjones78 ( 36W / Tyler, TX )


    Something/Somewhere we can laugh, be active and then transform into apparel that is suitable for a night out on the town and after a funfilled evening watch the sunrise...

  • mermaidvision ( 50W / Toronto, ON )


    An afternoon drink and see what happens from there.

  • lov2binnaples ( 55W / Naples, FL )


    Fine dining, sunset glass of wine, yachting on the ocean, walk on the beach, cooking you dinner-apron only! Mamma Mia! LOL

  • colombianpleaser ( 35W / Saint Paul, MN )


    Would Like to cook our own food and have candle light dinner with some wine.

  • Anglia0730 ( 59W / Kansas City, MO )


    Friendly , smile alot , never met a stranger....

  • chakachang ( 38W / London, England - London )


    Anywhere... I am not a formal type person... Just want someone to show his real him and I will be real me... He should know how to make me comfortable with him...

  • Diva386 ( 56W / Santa Fe, NM )


    Let's meet for a nice glass of wine or a a cocktail ... and a chemistry check. Hopefully we will want to proceed to dinner at a nice, cozy, quiet place to talk. I like all kinds of cuisine. What do YOU have in mind?

  • Valerie1983 ( 31W / Oslo, Oslo )


    I would like to be suprised! A guy to take charge on planning a date. (something that wouldn`t kill me..lol), someone that can be laidback as well as a true gentleman! That skill is soon an extinct one.. A dieing breed  more>>

  • Verrazano ( 48W / Mesa, AZ )


    Would you like to dine at one of AZ's great restaurants with a view of the most amazing sunset?

  • GlobalHeart ( 36W / Vancouver, BC )


    Good restaurant where converding is actually possible.

  • bebecache ( 26W / San Diego, CA )


    I expect he will figure this part out.....I guess i am old school when it comes to romance. Besides, i am new in town, so here is your chance to break me in, and show off your character a bit more

  • victoriasun ( 27W / berlin, Berlin )


    Some romantic , interesting place where will be good possibility to get to know eachother.