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Culinary Adventures My favorite date ideas

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  • Vongret ( 45W / Jackson, NJ )


    I'd like to have great food in great company!

  • corona2004 ( 60W / Hingham, MA )


    dinner and drinks after in a nice piano bar....quite surroundings....somewhere we can talk and be comfortable. Loud music is fun, but not on a first date

  • dogbox765 ( 50M / Shawnee, KS )


    An intimately lit encounter exploring culture through cuisine.

  • Davesnight ( 47M / Burlington, ON )


    Wherever we meet..I am going to be looking directly in your eyes the window to the soul!! And we are going to laugh out loud that I can tell you.

  • luv2dance2002 ( 54W / Newland, NC )


    A nice restaurant with great conversation followed by a stroll along the beach or town.

  • renataflorida99 ( 51W / Boca Raton, FL )


    Food and drinks are always fun and can make people fell more confortable

  • Sf4you ( 45M / San Francisco, CA )


    It's a secret! It's not an adventure if you don't arrive in suspense

  • michelle1314 ( 24W / New York, NY )


    Fine dining at the perfect location with a person who shares the same passions towarads life

  • louise2082 ( 54W / Fort Worth, TX )


    A restaurant or a place overlooking the ocean. Just you and I sipping on a glass of nice champagne.Talking over dinner and walking on the beach hand in hand in the moonlight. Getting in touch with each other slowly to fi  more>>

  • emergingbtrfly ( 40W / Houston, TX )


    Have you been to Torchies? Standing in line to order and reading the menu is an adventure. Even if the first date doesn’t work out, at least we’ll laugh and won’t be bored!

  • Lizeth05 ( 23W / Ottawa, ON )


    Romantic dinner Some place that talking is possible

  • chocolatekisseez ( 29W / Brooklyn, NY )


    Being in good company, trying different foods and broadening our palates, tasting different wibes and bubbly. And maybe ending it with a nightcap watching movies and talking til we pass out.

  • I_Finest ( 26W / Fair Oaks, CA )


    Memorable place, smart conversation,good wine and lots of smiling!

  • jessica71 ( 37W / Sweden )


    Taifood with a glass of wine. Candels and a flower in the table;)

  • seant09 ( 30M / Chicago, IL )


    Maybe take a cooking class together over a couple glasses of wine