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  • SunnyRDH ( 42 / W / Irvine, CA )

    Simple and easy start in a nice cafe and going for more if the mental /physical frequency matched!

  • fitntightdr ( 41 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    I like surprises, so I look forward to how I am greeted and by my KING

  • UneBelleRose ( 28 / W / Henderson, NV )

    I think for first time meetings, something easy without the weight of time commitment at a tea or coffee shop is ideal given if one person doesn't feel comfortable, they can easily ease out it of politely instead of havi...  read more >>

  • EquestrianLady16 ( 59 / W / North Salem, NY )

    Visiting the Met, touring the Impressionist Gallery, getting to know each other,, lots of smiles to explore the chemistry between us,, for a start:)

  • validdanny ( 58 / M / Oxford, OH )

    A nice places to talk and maybe grab a little something to eat not a whole meal, because she'll not want to eat in front of you until she has gotten more comfortable with you. Some where you can really pay attention to h...  read more >>

  • Manebo ( 62 / W / Miami, FL )

    Casual cup of coffee so we can meet each other and have a good conversation.

  • deneszczuk ( 44 / W / Torrance, CA )

    grab a coffee at starbucks to see how we feel , chat, get to know a little of each other before having all the trouble of going out and realizing we have nothing common

  • toxiclimerence ( 21 / W / Cincinnati, OH )

    We should meet at a cafe and get to know each other, then if we decide we are having a wonderful time, we should sightsee around the area and do what ever we feel is going to be fun.

  • sassyslick ( 45 / W / Toronto, ON )

    Coffee or a drink...short and sweet.

  • walkingintherain ( 60 / W / Boston, MA )

    Appetizers or a drink. Quiet place.

  • onexlove ( 37 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    I tend to think Starbucks is a good first date. They're everywhere, plus it gives you a chance to sit and chat.

  • hanniecharliee ( 20 / W / Nepean, ON )

    Anywhere that we can both decide to go

  • gypsy58 ( 59 / W / Bunnell, FL )

    Casual, quiet, some place to relax and get to know a little about you.

  • dancingcherrios ( 33 / W / Miami, FL )

    Nothing beats a great conversation...

  • PhDnurse15 ( 37 / W / Dover, DE )

    I will honest by saying I never thought of this.... perhaps a coffee and a good conversation to start.