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Random Daytime Activities

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  • Charlene777 ( 36W / Germantown, MD )


    A place where we can see if there is that spark:) but a place of fun, because if there's a spark...WOW sky is the limit right:) and no spark, whelp we can always enjoy the lonely drive of "wtf did I go there for"! Hahaha  more>>

  • TracyAnn5178 ( 36W / Birkenhead, England - Merseyside )


    Leave it to my date! As I love surprises..

  • ENZOUOMO ( 56M / London, ON )


    I'd like to meet you, about 1PM on a Bench by the Southern Entrance to the Zoo. We'll talk a while, and then we'll get up and begin our walk. Maybe we can make a stop at the Museum that borders on the Park. And then, aft  more>>

  • Rebeccagt ( 29W / Epsom, England - Surrey )


    A picnic in the park, or maybe a casual dinner and a nice stroll somewhere different.

  • SnowOrchid ( 25W / Quebec, QC )


    How about we go on a ski trip?

  • MrMarcus2014 ( 48M / Calumet City, IL )


    Sitting on the lakefront faces to face. Talking about life. Both of us not worried about anyone else. Just engaged in each other. Smiles and those first awkward hand touch. Letting each other know we are connecting.

  • Sisley2014 ( 47W / Arhus, Arhus )


    where we can be alone in a natural settings out in nature for example? with a glass of wine...

  • secretlove22 ( 22W / United Kingdom )


    I just want that date that will stand out and i will never forget

  • jmb82365 ( 49W / Raleigh, NC )


    Lets find a wine festival or a music festival or a beach festival and go enjoy the day/evening.

  • Lambchopchop ( 39W / Plover, WI )


    I love meeting new people, and getting a taste of their world. I have learned a lot my being a compliant participant.

  • Smiley2084 ( 50W / Glendale, AZ )


    Don't have a favorite date location.

  • barefoot2000 ( 56W / Manteo, NC )


    Somewhere Quiet..Relaxed..maybe on a pier having lunch..casual..

  • PrincessVal ( 18W / San Jose, CA )


    I want to go to the beach and observe the sea creatures.

  • flygirl0701 ( 28W / Girard, KS )


    What is my idea of a perfect date? Hmm... It would be fun, simple, and not too planned out. How about a picnic on the beach, horseback riding, or hiking?

  • kitsunekinoko ( 27W / London, England - London )


    let's do something fun and different!