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  • The1UGottaHave ( 48W / Louisville, KY )


    My idea of a dream first date would be to have my date to pick me up and take me to a cool movie. After the movie we could go for an early dinner where we could talk about the movie while eating a good meal and getting t  more>>

  • Pixiedust2013 ( 30W / Stittsville, ON )


    I think the best way to get to know a man is to see how he is around my dogs. I think how someone treats animals and acts around animals says a lot. I think a nice and casual way to first meet is at the dog park. That wa  more>>

  • Curlyhair92 ( 23W / Odenton, MD )


    Go-kart Zoo Shopping Movies Cage fighting Fishing

  • florencenurse ( 44W / Airway Heights, WA )


    The Zoo and or walk along the beach.

  • ColoradoCaty ( 25W / McAllen, TX )


    My ideal first date shiockingly would be voulentering at a local animal shelter. It may not be romantic but animals mean alot to me and can bring out the true nature of a person.

  • Lizguzman91 ( 24W / Guadalajara, Jalisco )


    Algo divertido y espontaneo. Aire libre

  • Barbara665 ( 54W / Bennett, CO )


    Maybe out side at a sidewalk cafe, drinking ice tea, something easy.

  • Lolita4 ( 22W / Leer, Hordaland )


    I would like to take you on a walk on our first date, because this is something I like to do! After the walk, wine and dine, bacause I love my wine!

  • AngelicSoul ( 26M / New York, NY )


    A Nice Stroll Through The Zoo To Get To Know One Another

  • BronxNez1 ( 65W / Newport Beach, CA )


    Walk on the beach, have a cup of coffee - someplace we can meet, talk, hear each other and see if we have a good first impression about one another.

  • Theo22T ( 39M / Nicosia, Nicosia )


    Taking the dog for a walk....................................................................................

  • PennyWhistle ( 34W / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )


    We'd meet at Seahouses and catch the 9:30am boat on the all day bird watch, I'd have forgotten my wolly hat but you'd have a spare for me to borrow and I'd offer you a binliner to sit on in return because the seats get r  more>>

  • Lovelylotus2000 ( 28W / Phoenix, AZ )


    I am a total animal lover and anything that includes Dolce Luna (my dog), I will be TOTALLY into! I love hiking, and rafting, and snowboarding too so you have some creative ideas just let me know! I'm up for anything tha  more>>

  • rocks1 ( 37W / Kyle, TX )


    Going out have some coffe,,talk about family & all the activides.

  • funkster152 ( 23W / Woodstock, VA )


    Taking or dogs for a walk along the water