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  • loveofliterature ( 40W / Glendale, AZ )


    I would love to have our first date at a cafe in Paris.. But a romantic picnic in the park would also be lovely. Maybe we'll save Paris for another day. :)

  • Pak8383 ( 30M / Aiken, SC )


    Museums are always nice, to learn new things and to just get away from the norm.

  • sirus283 ( 19W / Indianapolis, IN )


    my ideal first date would be one involving dinner at a fine restaurant and a walk through of the next up and coming artists' gallery.

  • Latinsweet2000 ( 43W / West Palm Beach, FL )


    A relaxing dinner..couple appetizers and drinks...

  • wan2luv ( 18M / London, England - London )


    I would like us to take a photo short on that day ,fly most of the planes and the rockect lunchers .Also visit the cinema in the museum and after we check the cantee for refreshment how about that.

  • LGreyVa ( 40W / Springfield, VA )


    Enjoying the sculpture at the A&E then off to a great pub for a pint, change at the hotel for dinner and a night on the town dancing.

  • Irisharia ( 28W / Corydon, IN )


    I'm very passionate about art.

  • designjoey ( 28W / Nantou, Tai-pei )


    I prefer we can meet in person , because I live in Taipei for now , so very welcome you to visit . Or maybe we can fly to Italy ,Paris or New York City to go to art museums , then go for a walk and have dinner . video ch  more>>

  • MallorcaSunshine ( 33W / PALMA DE MALLORCA, Islas Baleares )


    Would you like to share with me this evening by the sea... just you and me and our neighbors -Stars, Sky, Wnd and Waves...

  • lexidaisy ( 22W / Vancouver, BC )


    If I could do anything for my first date I would like to go to a Gallery to see Marc Chagall. A lot of his work is romantic and when I think of what love looks like, I think of Marc Chagall.

  • AmaryllisRED ( 27W / Barnsley, England - Yorkshire )


    Pretty much anything, I would prefer something less formal than a dinner and it isn't very original. It would be cool to go to a shooting range or go carting or simply to a music festival. Bowling, opera, shopping, boat  more>>

  • jayjay70 ( 44M / Eastbourne, England - Sussex )


    Beer and lunch somewhere?? I live on the coast so maybe stroll along the prom?? Or a gallery and coffee??

  • alm2216 ( 23W / New York, NY )


    The Cloisters is without a doubt my favorite place in New York City. I love museums and art in general, but the focus on medieval art and architecture there is unique and particularly interesting. In addition, the settin  more>>

  • coolguy12001 ( 43M / Milwaukee, WI )


    My first date idea , would be somewhere quiet or loud, because at the end of the day, " i would be still having fun, because that woman i always wanted would be there along side with me".

  • FEZINMOROCCO ( 56M / Brooklyn, NY )


    Shall we dine before going to Museums and Galleries?