Fun Date Ideas

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  • Toma78 ( 39 / W / Staten Island, NY )

    no preference as long as it doesn't put my life in danger

  • AEIOU11 ( 44 / W / Chicago, IL )

    I just think that it should be kept low key and pretty casual -- perhaps a lunch at a small hideaway cafe, maybe meet up at the dog park (with dogs, of course!), or something as simple as a walk on the river.

  • Shamrocks17 ( 56 / W / Fairbanks, AK )

    I am game for just about anything.

  • snathan ( 18 / M / West Valley City, UT )

    I don't have an ideal date, but I'm not hard to impress. Surprise me!

  • Oceanic111 ( 42 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    Surprise me!

  • goneagain17 ( 63 / W / Tottenham, ON )

    I would leave that totally up to my date. It would tell me a little about his character.

  • JessieMicc ( 23 / W / Gananoque, ON )

    Anything from jumping out of a plane to having a quiet dinner. As long as the conversation is good I'm a happy lady!

  • p_antera ( 27 / W / North Miami Beach, FL )

    Romantic dinner on a hot air balloon

  • bellofthesouth ( 39 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Ideal date- location or event doesn't really matter so long as I'm in great company. I could have fun anywhere. The more creative the date, the better the experience.

  • CoolGirlArtist ( 54 / W / West Hollywood, CA )

    I think its great if we meet for dinner, eat light and then go see some live music or go to an event or an art opening or just a walk downtown....not just make it about dinner. I also love a day at the beach, a quick cup...  read more >>

  • Madiii ( 20 / W / Purvis, MS )

    The beach, i've never been :)

  • Exotic_rose22 ( 27 / W / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    I do not have and first date ideas. Just sweep me off my keep and keep a smile on my face.

  • PavlaDolores ( 42 / W / ┼Żamberk, Pardubicks Kraj )

    Surprise me...

  • gentlemanslw ( 46 / M / Mahwah, NJ )

    After some due diligence, I set the agenda. It's a surprise. It turns out to be something you never expected. You probably wanted to go home at first. By the end of the night, it was the best night of your life.

  • Faith1st ( 55 / W / Tarpon Springs, FL )

    For me, first dates should never be a movie - I'd like to have some great conversation and get to know more about you. There are several ways to accomplish that: dinner, hiking, boating, attending a community event etc.