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Fancy Dining

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  • sunshineyday2014 ( 39W / Sydney, New South Wales )


    I'd like to get to know someone in an inspired casual beachside venue with a view, serenaded preferably by the sounds of a gypsy band or local musicians playing on the beach as the sun sets whilst we enjoy an endless tap  more>>

  • JosephineD ( 41W / Las Vegas, NV )


    I am a sucker for 5 star dining on the Vegas strip.

  • Skyfall_blonde10 ( 39W / San Diego, CA )


    Candlelight.. and dinner by the beach with the sound of the waves and a sunset. Bonfire afterwards with a starry night and a glass of white wine.... dancing

  • Tiffy_Rona ( 19W / Houston, TX )


    Take me some were nice no drive though please that's disrespectful

  • YoungCyrus ( 20M / Merced, CA )


    A good restaurant with a even better view.

  • Mayra1986 ( 28W / North Las Vegas, NV )


    My first date has to be like a very special romantic restaurant, I rather a quiet place so I can hear you and don't have to be screaming across the table, I would to have a type of wine and flowers and candles on the tab  more>>

  • MsBhany ( 26W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    Candlelight, fireplace, with intriguing conversation watching the sunrise or sunset. Enjoying a bottle of Domaine Leflaive Montrachet Grand Cru, Cote de Beaune, France....

  • SweetC2014 ( 53W / Genoa, IL )


    Candlelight Dinner for Two at Quiet Romantic Resturant and Good Movie

  • DeutschLAnding ( 29M / Los Angeles, CA )


    I would select a cheap but solid place offering simple food that is grounding our gettogether ;)

  • Violeta1974 ( 39W / Vilnius, Vilnius )


    How about we have a picnic on the shore of La Seine ?

  • Rozzy88 ( 25W / Chicago, IL )


    Nice quite dinner place where we are able to talk and get to know one another. The food has to be amazing of course. You surprise me on what we can do afterwards.

  • Crystalcackes ( 25W / McMinnville, TN )


    To go on a romantic dinner and a romantic walk

  • LadyMistress27 ( 27W / New Orleans, LA )


    I love to cook or eat. I love to watch the cook prepare the food I'd love to even help.....hhhmmmmm I like intimate settings for romance and passion and great energy

  • seareddy ( 62M / Palo Alto, CA )


    nice lunch setting; Palo Alto California on University Avenue.

  • Vegasgirly9559 ( 20W / Las Vegas, NV )


    Im not too picky and would enjoy just about anything. Anything thing from a nice dinner, to shopping, outdoor activities, hanging out by the pool, or even a helicopter ride. :)