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Errand dating

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  • aadia2 ( 33W / Köln/Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen )


    ich stehe auf ein unverbindliches Kennenlernen,über einen Kaffe,Essen oder Sparziergang.

  • malja71 ( 43W / Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg )


    Bei schönem Wetter - spazieren gehen, ansonsten - in einem netten Cafe etwas trinken gehen.

  • kaseem ( 25M / Camden, NJ )


    go out to see a movie and get a little bite to eat after and then go out and have a little drink

  • bumblebee2011 ( 54W / Berlin, Berlin )


    Ein Abendessen am Strand, wenn die Sonne untergeht.

  • SweetEdith ( 38W / Washington, DC )


    Picnic, go for a glass of wine or even just for a walk

  • redstarjaz13 ( 27W / Pasadena, CA )


    Im pretty open to options here. I like out of the box ideas so surprise me :)

  • scooper1221 ( 54W / Rochester, NY )


    Let's meet for a glass of wine and see what happens. After that, we'll have the entire world to explore together.

  • natrdh ( 38W / San Antonio, TX )


    Is this even a thing?? Let's go pick up dry cleaning and get to know each other:)

  • lou2007 ( 59M / Las Vegas, NV )


    I would like to met you at a place that you pick and would be comfortable with . Maybe coffee or a casual lunch .

  • tj0606 ( 43W / Leeds, England - West Yorkshire )


    What on EARTH is Errand dating?? I saw it on the category list & it got me thinking..... meet date... pick up dry cleaning.... have lunch... clean the car.... go for coffee... write your shopping list.... look up... date  more>>

  • crossdress6 ( 48M / brussels )


    discover other female tru my feminity, offering white roses at my poolhouse bar, being just 2 of us for a long chat about philosphy, human being and more...

  • karenin ( 38W / Kuhdorf, Bayern )


    I suggest a candle dinner on the beach. oh wait, there is no beach where I live. so maybe, just send me an email first :) as you probably might live on the other side of the world, I doubt there is gonna be a first date  more>>

  • dreampowder ( 39W / Fairfax, VA )


    Walk in the park, dinner, or something different/out of the box.

  • phid ( 34W / Wien )


    First date are always over planned. I guess a coffee, a drink, a good dinner, a walk or shopping. Just make your choice :-) I don't care what you choose as long as you shall be yourself.

  • latrelle ( 58W / Telluride, CO )


    self sufficient woman looking for great adventure. i am quite stable (don't fall over that often) interesting(or so my dogs tell me), funny(my x-husband laughed all the way to the bank) and available(open 24 hours 7 days  more>>